Yuzuru Hanyu Announces Marriage: Who is His Mystery Partner?

By: Thomas Blade

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Yuzuru Hanyu Announces Marriage

Is Yuzuru Hanyu married?

Yes, skating champion Hanyu Yuzuru is married, the Japanese star announced on Friday (4 August 2023).

In a post on social media, posted at the superstitious time of 11:11pm in Japan, Hanyu thanked fans for their support throughout his skating career and said: “Thank you for your constant support. I, Hanyu Yuzuru, am pleased to announce that I have decided to get married.

“For the past 24 years, I have lived with skating. Especially in the recent few years, I have been facing skating and thinking about myself and the world, while feeling many things in the unstable and fast-changing world due to Covid-19, natural disasters, world affairs, etc.”I am still immature as a human being, both now that I have turned professional and in my past as a competitor, but I have received immeasurably greater strength from your support and expectations.”I will continue to deepen ‘Hanyu Yuzuru’ skating through my life, and continue to work hard and grow. I will continue to build up bit by bit, moment by moment, so that I can skate at my best.”I will continue to live my life with everyone who supports me and with skating, doing my best, moving forward.”And with gratitude to those who have supported me and those who will continue to support me, I will continue to skate so that I can give everything in the best possible way. Please continue to support me in the future.”

He did not provide details of his partner, nor when the formalities took place.

Hanyu retired from competition following last year’s Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 and has since organised multiple solo figure skating shows, which have sold out arenas across Japan.

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