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Zach Wilson’s Ex Engaged Following Unusual Love Triangle

Zach Wilson’s Ex Engaged Following Unusual Love Triangle

Denver Broncos quarterback Zach Wilson broke up with his ex-girlfriend a couple of years ago amid some rumors that seemed made for reality TV, and it turns out at least some of the gossip was true.

Wilson and his ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile began dating in high school and split in early 2022. After they scrubbed one another from their respective social media profiles, a rumor surfaced that Gile had moved on from Wilson to the quarterback’s former BYU teammate, Max Dilne. The relationship between Gile and Dilne became a lasting one.

Dilne, a wide receiver who now plays for the Washington Commanders, shared the news on Monday that he and Gile are engaged.

When Gile began dating Dilne two years ago, internet trolls were quick to accuse her of cheating on Wilson with Wilson’s friend. Gile responded with an explosive allegation against Wilson that implied the former No. 2 overall pick was responsible for the breakup.

Whatever the case, Gile is not the only one who has moved on entirely. The 24-year-old Wilson recently announced that he and his longtime girlfriend have also gotten engaged.

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