Zachary Levi warns that Shazam! Fury of the Gods will be better than the first movie

Shazam! Fury of the Gods It finished filming in August and its premiere is just under two years away, but the protagonist of the film, Zachary Levi, can not hide the excitement he feels for this new entry in the DC Extended Universe. If it weren’t for the fault of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sequel would be arriving next April. Unfortunately that agenda was discarded. Levi talked about the film.

It’s true: the mainstream was unfamiliar with Shazam when the original movie hit theaters in 2018, but now everything is different. Billy Batson’s alter ego made a lot of noise at his performance and was celebrated by audiences around the world. That success assured the sequel more resources to make a better movie in its next entry.

Falta mucho para Shazam! Fury of the Gods

“I’m going to say this in a genius way. I am very proud of the first one. We made a great movie. I think the second is better. We had more time and more budget. The whole cast came back and we got to know our characters better. Henry Gayden, who was responsible for the first script, wrote the second and it was great. Everything clicked in a better way! “Levi stressed.

The actor continued to analyze: “The boys grew a little older. Their feelings are more mature which brings them closer to an adult mind creating a greater connection. The action is great, the comedy too. The villains, Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu, are fantastic. I’m so proud. I would like it to be released before June 2023 “said the protagonist of the franchise enthusiastically.

Zachary Levi explained why we will have to wait so long to see Shazam! Fury of the gods: “There are many titles that must be released. I understand that studios must make a concentrated effort not to cannibalize their own films. You should not release them too close to each other and they should also take into account the other studies. I hope it comes out earlier than agreed ”, full.

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