Zack Snyder lashes out at Warner Bros again

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The showdown between Zack Snyder and Warner Bros is far from over. While both the director and the producer were clear about the professional distancing they maintain, fans don’t want to miss every opportunity to show their discontent and this time they took advantage of the premiere of Space Jam 2 to do it. What happened?

The war between these industry giants has a long history: from the first friction over their disengagement from the Justice League in 2017 to the company’s refusal to continue with the Snyder-Verse once its court opened in 2021. “Warner is Anti-Snyder. They can’t help it. I don’t know why I’m a pain to them, I’m honestly not trying to be.”, the filmmaker knew how to express about the conflict.

Snyder’s statements were accompanied by a strong reaction from his fans, who turned to the networks to defend him. With the hasthtag #RestoreTheSnyderVerse They started a campaign to ask for the tapes of the entire universe. However, Warner not only ignored the claims, Rather, he warned that he would take action if they crossed the line.

Zack Snyder lashes out at Warner Bros again

Precisely one of the actions of the fans that bothered the production company the most was the organized boycotts of its films. It happened with Godzilla vs. Kong, Mortal Kombat and more recently, with Space Jam: A New Era. While the film had mixed reviews after its release on July 15, its ratings mark a clear cruelty from Snyder’s audiences: IMDB gave it 3.6 / 10, Rotten Tomatoes just 38% approval and Metacritica was also 38%.

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In May, journalist Grace Randolph (famous for her YouTube channel) He assured that WB is already fed up with this situation, it does not accept even to talk about SnyderVerse because it believes that it overshadows its premieres. In fact, in the Warner offices they feel the subject as personal and they are tired of the persecution of the fans. Will they achieve the boycott again?


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