Zack Snyder stays on Netflix: en macha Army of the Dead 2 and other projects

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Army of the Dead 2 it is already a reality; or will be soon. And the agreement between Zack Snyder and his team and Netflix for the development of new projects already announced and many others to be announced for the future. And the first confirmation comes from the hand of the director, who is already working on the sequel to one of the latest Netflix hits. So much so, that Army of the Dead has exceeded the company’s expectations, reached 75 million views during its first four weeks when around 72 million were estimated.

Snyder’s zombie universe makes its way

Although before entering fully with Army of the Dead 2, Snyder has several open fronts with Netflix, including several productions from the same universe as the prequel or the animated series, in addition to one of his most ambitious films, Rebel Moon, a science fiction story that arises from a discarded idea of ​​the filmmaker for Star Wars and that will begin filming in early 2022.

All this the result of a new agreement between Zack Snyder, his wife Deborah Snyder, the executive Wesley Coller and the producer of the marriage. Stone Quarry Productions with Netflix so that the platform produces part of its new movies and decides if you want them exclusively as part of your catalog or not. This is what Snyder himself recently commented: “My goal is to bring as much quality content as I can and to do it on a large scale. Big projects and big movies”, Picks up the medium The Hollywood Reporter.

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Fans of Army of the dead They have two dates coming up on Netflix with the prequel movie Army of thievesscheduled for this fall, and the animated series with Dave Bautista for Spring 2022.

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