Zakut Innovation HUB begins its activities nationwide in Murcia

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Zakut Innovation HUB begins its activities nationwide in Murcia

Zakut Innovation HUB, Accelerator of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology, promoted by the Zakut Association, has begun its activities at the national level in Murcia this June. The project, linked to Israel, is mainly committed to high-potential disruptive technologies.

In addition, it identifies synergies and connects all the actors of the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, from research centers to large corporations. Specific, the objective of Zakut Innovation Hub is to make Spanish entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporations available to the methodologies that have made Israel the Startup Nation par excellence. The Region of Murcia serves as the venue to welcome the first initiative of the Zakut Association in Spain.

With their slogans “The future begins in Murcia” and “Jutzpá y Olé”, Zakut Innovation Hub defines himself as a most daring, avant-garde and disruptive actor within the Spanish ecosystem. Its initial proposal seeks to position Murcia as the main national benchmark actor in the launch of entrepreneurial initiatives related to transgressive technologies, prevent brain drain and serve as a catalyst to attract national talent.

Zakut honors Abraham Zacuto, the Sephardic inventor of the Perpetual Calendar and the Astrolabe. The Hub’s Board of Trustees is in charge of the Association of the same name, chaired by David Hatchwell. The businessman is part of the Board of OURCROWD, the most important international equity crowdfunding platform in the world located in Israel, which currently manages 1,750 million euros.

Furthermore, it is President of Grupo EXCEM, which, among other activities in Spain, has made significant investments in real estate in the last five years in the region to build 2,000 homes in Condado de Alhama and La Manga Club through their real estate subsidiary.

The Regional Government of Murcia has been promoting bilateral relations with Israel in recent years through visits, institutional, economic, business, educational and cultural exchanges, hand in hand with Isaac Chocrón Benaim, Chief Open Innovation Officer en Zakut Innovation Hub, and this is a wonderful opportunity to promote and strengthen the innovative potential of the Region.

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