“Zara Larsson on Why She Surrounds Herself with Women in the Music Industry”

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Zara Larsson is one of the most successful Swedish pop singers of all time. However, the 25-year-old singer has had her fair share of challenging experiences since she started in the music industry. She revealed that sexism is rampant everywhere, especially for younger girls. Nonetheless, she considers herself lucky to have a good team around her and tries to surround herself with women to feel protected.

Zara has always had her mother or someone in the studio to protect her from strange situations. She insists that she is even more demanding with who she wants to work with now. The “Can’t Tame Her” singer feels incredible to be Swedish and do pop music. She acknowledges that there are many people before her who paved the way for pop music.

Zara has been dating dancer Lamin Holmen since 2021 but admits it can be challenging to write breakup songs when you’re in a happy relationship. As someone who is so content and fulfilled in life, it’s tough to write about things that aren’t. She finds it hard to write sad songs or songs about love that isn’t working.

Zara’s commitment to surrounding herself with women is admirable and speaks volumes about her character. She is an inspiration to many young girls worldwide, who look up to her. With her tremendous success and talent, there’s no doubt that Zara Larsson will continue to be at the forefront of the pop music industry.

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