Zendaya broke the silence after the leak of her romance with Tom Holland

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Despite five months to go for its premiere, Spider-Man: No Way Home It is a permanent trend among Marvel fans and not always strictly cinematic. It is that last week the romance between its stars Zendaya and Tom Holland came to light, to the delirium of the public. The actors had kept a low profile thus far, but this Friday the MJ interpreter broke the silence in an interview after the leaks. What did he say?

The 24-year-old artist gave an interview for the cycle of Victor Cruz of the Daily Pop which was published in the last hours. While he was not directly asked about his courtship with the Peter Parker actor, Zendaya spoke exclusively about Spider-Man and his relationship with the cast members.

“We were all just absorbing and taking the time to enjoy the moment, be together and be so thankful for that experience. It is so special that we all grew up together.”, began about being close to his peers, especially Holland and Jacob Batalon. Being the same age, they quickly hit it off on the film set and supported each other.

Will Spider-Man: No Way Home be Zendaya and Tom Holland’s last movie?

The protagonist of Malcolm & Marie He also referred to the feelings after finishing the filming of the tape and cast a doubt about its continuity in the MCU. “It was a lot of fun filming the third installment, No Way Home, but also a bit bittersweet because we don’t know if we’re going to do another one. Will there be three and that’s it? Like you normally do three movies and that’s it.” he expressed about his concern.

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The young woman also indicated that she feels the responsibility of making such an important franchise because “there have been so many different Spideys before” that your intention is “make everyone proud.”

In this way, the actress avoided talking directly about her romance with Holland in her first public appearance. On July 2, she was photographed with her partner in a car and there were no doubts about their relationship. From a friendship on the film sets he went to a greater commitment, Will they announce it to everyone?

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