Zendaya found the best way to spend her birthday and it’s not with Tom Holland

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Despite starring in a beautiful romance in the Spider-Man trilogy, Tom Holland and zendaya they have a chemistry that goes beyond fiction. From the first film of Marvel’s youngest superhero, the actors connected instantly and their good vibes were instantaneous. At first they were just friends, but then the rumors started.

For years, both zendaya What Tom Holland they became embroiled in romance speculation. However, each time they had a chance, they took it upon themselves to deny it. But, earlier this year, their love could not remain hidden and they were captured by Page Six kissing in a car.

Holland and Zendaya’s first photos together. Source: (Page Six)

So much so that, despite the fact that none of them spoke about it, it would have confirmed what the fans want so much: Tom Holland and zendaya they are closer than ever. In fact, the one who finished exposing him was the British man since, just a few hours ago, he greeted his partner very tenderly on his birthday. Through Instagram, the actor wrote a sweet dedication.

The photo with which Holland greeted Zendaya.

The photo with which Holland greeted Zendaya.

However, beyond the love that Holland showed in his publication with which he touched all his followers, she ignored it. Although he did respond to his partner’s post saying that he would call him immediately, it appears that they did not spend the day together. It is that, according to the publications that Zendaya made, her attention was directed elsewhere.

This is because, early in the morning, the former Disney star shared a postcard from the set of Euphoria, the series that he stars in HBO Max, and of which he is filming the second season. Beyond that nothing is seen reveals anything about a scene, the artist wrote: “there is no other place I would rather spend my birthday”. And, although everything indicates that it is a sarcasm, Holland was ignored for long hours.

This is how Zendaya spent her birthday.

This is how Zendaya spent her birthday.

Zendaya is celebrating her 25th birthday, but it is the first she has shared with Tom as a couple. So much so that, soon it is expected that the actors will again show their love in a romantic date like the ones they lived weeks ago.


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