Zendaya teases Tom Holland on Twitter and later regrets

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Zendaya and Tom Holland fight hand-to-hand with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck as the best couple so far in 2021. In addition to being two recognized artists, they are partners in Spider-Man and that increased the excitement of the public. That’s why every detail or appearance of the romance goes viral. So it happened with a Tweet from the actress where she trolled her boyfriend and which she finally decided to delete. What did he put?

July 2 was when the bomb exploded because the stars were seen kissing in Los Angeles. Since that time, they were photographed as a couple on more than one occasion, but there were still no official confirmations. Even Zendaya gave an interview after the leak and avoided talking about it.

Tom Holland y Zendaya (Getty)

However, the MJ interpreter missed a comment that has to do with her new partner. As revealed by Elle, the 24-year-old actress posted an image of herself in the pool with the following text: “Here living my best life”. As the photo showed a face in the background, a user replied: “Tom is drowning”. To which Zendaya mockingly replied: “This is not about him.”.


The answer had nothing less than 46,3 mil likes in a few minutes, but before so much repercussion the artist decided to delete the comment. Although it was an innocent joke, She was determined to keep a low profile about her relationship with the Spider-Man protagonist.

Problems in the couple?

According to the National Enquirer, the couple between Tom Holland and Zendaya had their first shorts by jealousy of the actor. The report says that the Peter Parker performer is concerned that his girlfriend will get carried away by his other male co-stars.


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