Zombies, screams and reappearances: the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Festival is back, in person and with special guests

“Aliens turning people into zombies, that’s like Plan 9 from Outer Space, right?” Says it, in English, a character dressed with the flag of the United States, and his face splattered with blood, in the advancement of Plaga Zombie-American Invasion. The comment, of course, links to the landmark of class B, directed by Ed Wood in 1959 and considered the worst film in the history of cinema.

To show up an American quarter of the saga started by some Argentine teenagers more than 25 years ago, is one of the great news that is part of the return of the BARS, the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Festival, which recovers, until December 12, its face-to-face format, with tickets at 250 pesos. This is how Sebastián “Berta” Muñiz, from Farsa, tells TN.

“A few years ago Walter Rivero, who helped us as an extra zombie in our second film, Zona Mutante, went to live in New York. There he got together with other crazy people who make amateur films, like Garry Medeiros, the director. They saw Zombie Plague there and decided to remake it in the United States. Then We suggested that, instead of remake, they do a quarter, as the plague spread to his country “, explained the actor and producer.

Then he added: “Totally crazy if we think that Plaga Zombie was made with one hundred pesos, by 16-year-old boys more than 25 years ago, and today there is a movie filmed in the United States, with a Yankee crew. It’s amazing and exceeds our own expectations of what we ever think about the movie. “

The proposals of the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Festival: from an alien invasion to Hitler’s adventures in Latin America

Like every year, the Buenos Aires Red Blood, the longest-running fantasy film festival in the region (born in 2000), will show a broad panorama of independent production from around the world. The selection of the most noteworthy includes the euro horror of the 70s -with medieval castle included- of the German Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes (Kevin Kopacka), Opération Luchador, the mockumentary Canadian on Hitler’s Wanderings in Latin America, the British Alien Invasion Comedy Creatures, the haunting found footage Belgian on witchcraft Duyster or the bloody The retaliators, among many others.

Among the local production you can see The Scrap yard, by Eduardo Pinto, Red point, by Nic Loreti, which crosses football, black humor and violence, The shadow of the cat, by José María Cicala, in which Danny Trejo shares a screen with Maite Lanata, Émesis, by Pablo Parés or rape and revenge Bellaby Laura Dariomerlo, among others.

The preview of “Titane”, the great closing that the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Festival will have

For lovers of international cinema there will also be a window to the recent production of Taiwan and an Invasion of Japan, already traditional, with the delusional collective film Tetsudon: Natural Born Fools for Foolish Adults.

The exhibition, which recovers the presence, opens and closes with previews: Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, based on the video game Capcom, and for the closing Titanium, by Julie Doucournau, winner of the Palme d’Or at the last Cannes Film Festival, with Vincent Lindon.

But there is much more, so check the official page (festivalrojosangre.com.ar). Like the parallel activities in the Auditorium of the Larreta Museum, where there will be talks, rituals in horror movies and a promising FX battle: prosthetics vs masks.

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