Zoom Events, the new function to organize mass events on the Internet

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Due to COVID-19, many events were canceled. We not only talked about all those meetings that brought family and friends together, but also about all the product presentations by the different companies. In the world of technology we have seen events that have been previously recorded and with an unparalleled visual display, but now it is Zoom the one that wants to become a platform to hold events.

Zoom is offered to do digital events

Companies around the world have not stopped even in 2020 and all thanks to teleworking and Internet conferences. This has led to many telecommunications applications being posited as proposals to unite teams from all over the world and from all sectors. Zoom has been one of those applications and it has allowed mass meetings with dozens of participants to become a reality.

But the company has found a way to give a new solution to its audience with the function with which you can broadcast an event from the platform itself with many participants. These are understood as a continuous session over time in days and with several sessions. This is important as it is part of the application requirements that be an event of up to 5 days and up to 13 simultaneous sessions. “Juggling multiple platforms for hosting and managing events can be challenging. That’s why we’re constantly innovating to improve the way you host, manage, and report on your virtual experiences with Zoom Events, the only solution you’ll need to host events. virtual “said David Ball, specialist in product marketing of the firm in the blog.

The functions of Zoom Events

Of course, as it is a live event, a series of tools are needed for users to interact with the content that is broadcast, as well as aids for broadcasting on various devices. And it is possible to link different terminals so that the event continues without pause. It will also leave a chat to write content, but a moderation tool will also be necessary so that you can control the messages that are sent.

It also has a prominent place for the sponsors of the event, which will allow you to benefit from the event in the best possible way.


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