Zoom is already testing ads on free accounts

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Zoom is one of the most important applications of the last year and all thanks to the fact that it made

Internet communication possible to many users. The mass meetings in which dozens of users entered became a reality thanks to this and other applications, but in the case of Zoom have decided that it is time to put ads in their free version.

You will soon see ads on Zoom

It is a fact that any application you download is not entirely free. Yes, it is true that it puts the message that says ‘free download’ but in return you are giving your data when using the application. And this is important for these products since in this way they can put ads for you whenever they want if they have this possibility. This is what will happen to one of the most popular messaging applications of the moment, and that is Zoom will advertise to you in the future.

Of course, this means that the company will take more advantage of the fact that there are free users. And it is this group of people who will receive publicity in exchange for using the app without going through the box and with the options that the company considers most basic for its use. This will be placed anywhere on the screen

The usual problem: privacy

The fact that advertising reaches an application is always a reason for suspicion for those who use it for a matter as important as their privacy. As we told you before, although Zoom advertises free users, it is precisely the use of advertising that determines the payment for using the application.

But apart from the preparations for the placement of advertising the firm itself anticipates what may happen. And it is that according to what he comments in an entry in his company blog “We have updated our Privacy Statement to account for this advertising program.” “There is one thing we want to make very clear,” he continues, “” we will not use content from meetings, webinars or messages (specifically, audio, video, files and messages) for marketing, promotions or third parties. “

In this way, everything indicates that those who attend any online class will not receive any content related to what they have attended, at least from the communication service if it really complies with what it promises.


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