Zoom puts automatic captions on free accounts

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The pandemic has caused telecommunications services to skyrocket in terms of use. Many developers have worked against the clock in order to offer users a complete application in which to hold their mass meetings and Zoom has been one of the most convincing. Its capabilities have convinced companies and little by little it brings the capabilities of the previous one to the free version, as is the case with automatic subtitles that reach the free version.

At last Zoom releases automatic subtitles

It is a fact that when a service has special characteristics, you have to pay for them. Any software or phone works for us, where the paid versions are the ones that display the most functions to use them in their entirety and with absolute freedom. But this does not mean that little by little companies improve their free versions, those that any user can enter.

And today we have good news for those who have Zoom, a videoconferencing app that during 2020 gained many followers. This time we have to talk about one of its newest functions, the automatic subtitles generated by the application itself.

Its operation is very simple, so much so that you have probably seen and used it on YouTube. In the part of the settings, right in the part of the subtitles, there will now be three interesting options: The first is to use the subtitles that a user can perform live by typing from their computer, the second is that you can use an external app to generate them and the third is this that we are telling you about live subtitles. The latter, in addition, It has a section in which users can request this function on their own if it is not enabled. You will only have to activate it to read the transcript of what the people in the room are saying.

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A feature released almost a year after its release

As we mentioned, Zoom’s automatic subtitles were already launched last year. It was in September that this update occurred, when the firm also presented other functions such as multi-spotlight or mini-pinning. This will further enhance the company’s accessibility features by giving all users access to a live transcript of what users in the room are saying.


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