Zuckerberg’s unusual response to the NYT note pointing out Facebook’s plans to promote posts that enhance the network’s public image

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The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, responded in an unexpected and ironic way to the note from The New York Times in which it is stated that the social network plans to introduce on the home page of its users content posts in which Show yourself to the firm in a positive way to improve your image in front of the public.

Despite the fact that the media note highlights Facebook’s plans to promote itself and increase its popularity through publications, Zuckerberg focused his attention in part of a paragraph in which it is mentioned that on July 4 the businessman shared a video riding an “electric surfboard” while waving the American flag.

“Look, it’s one thing for the media to say false things about my job, but it’s crossing the line to say I’m riding an electric surfboard when that video clearly shows an airboat I’m propelling with my bare legs,” Zuckerberg wrote. through their social networks, criticizing the veracity of the information published by the American newspaper.

The Facebook manager even took time to respond to some of the comments made by Internet users in his publication. “I do not usually point out everything that the media is wrong, but it happens every day,” Zuckerberg replied to a user who pointed out the informational bias of some media, as well as that of the “fact-checker” used by the social network itself .

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