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20 Decomposing Bodies Discovered on Boat Adrift off the Coast of Brazil

At least 20 severely decomposed bodies were found on a boat off the coast of northeastern Brazil, authorities reported. The boat was found off the coast of Bragança, northeast of Pará, on April 13, according to Brazil’s Federal Public Ministry.

Two investigations have been opened since the discovery of the bodies. Authorities explained that at least 20 bodies had been found on the boat, but due to the decomposition of the remains, it is unknown how many individuals died on the boat.

Investigators believe that the deceased are not from Brazil, but possibly from the Caribbean. Local authorities have stated that there have been no recent reports of missing Brazilians.

Police were deployed to the port of Vila do Castelo in Braganca, Brazil, on April 14, after fishermen reported seeing a boat loaded with decomposing corpses off the coast of Pará state on Saturday.

News on this incident is still developing.

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