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Actor from ‘Lord of the Rings’ Still Regrets Performance 24 Years Later, According to Recent Interview – Movie News

Although Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, and Sir Ian McKellen had a great experience filming ‘The Lord of the Rings’, not all cast members could say the same. This actor felt like he was treated like furniture in the movies.

Being part of the incredible trilogy directed by Peter Jackson opened many doors for figures such as Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, and Viggo Mortensen. For their roles in The Lord of the Rings, these and more actors earned recognition from the public worldwide, acquiring the title of Hollywood stars. More than two decades after it was released, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, these personalities continue to be remembered for their iconic characters.

Although for any actor or actress, having been in the cast of The Lord of the Rings could be a dream, as in everything, there are exceptions. Looking back to the past, not all stars of The Lord of the Rings are completely happy with their participation in the Middle Earth saga, which won a total of 17 Oscar Awards and accumulated more than $1.3 billion worldwide.

In the case of this actor, the most impressive thing is that despite having played one of the elves three times in the saga of The Lord of the Rings and repeating his role two more times in The Hobbit, he doesn’t like his character. Now, 24 years after his first appearance in the famous trilogy, this film figure revealed that his role was not the best experience despite having shared time with great film figures such as Sir Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee, and Andy Serkis.

For Hugo Weaving, who gave life to the elf Elrond in The Lord of the Rings, his time in the franchise was not an extraordinary experience. It was in an interview with The Guardian that the 64-year-old actor reviewed some important moments in his career. Although Weaving played villains in Matrix and Captain America, Elrond in The Lord of the Rings also made him world-famous. However, behind the scenes, the star confessed that she was not at all happy with the powerful leader of Middle Earth.

“To be honest, it wasn’t the most satisfying character I’ve ever played. Elrond was a clothes horse,” the British actor told The Guardian. What Hugo Weaving probably meant by comparing himself to a coat rack is Elrond didn’t have much to do with the plot. In fact, both in the movies The Lord of the Rings and in the trilogy The Hobbit, his main role is to provide shelter to the heroes, give them the necessary information, and then send them on their way.

As impressive as the saga of The Lord of the Rings, compared to Elrond, there were many characters who were more present in the story. That’s probably why Hugo Weaving doesn’t have such fond memories of the franchise compared to his set mates. Weaving said that he would not participate in any other installment of The Lord of the Rings, no matter how small his appearance was.

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