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Actor Henry Cavill, known for his role as Superman, is set to become a father for the first time with his partner Natalie Viscuso.

British actor Henry Cavill, 40 years old, known for his roles in films such as Superman and The Man of Steel, is expecting his first child with his partner, producer Natalie Viscuso, 39. Cavill expressed his excitement about this news during the presentation of his new film, The Ministry of War, in New York.

“I’m very excited about this. Natalie and I are very excited about this. I’m sure you’ll see a lot more emotion in us,” Cavill shared with reporters. Cavill and Viscuso officially announced their relationship on Instagram in April 2021.

However, who is Natalie Viscuso? Viscuso, daughter of real estate developer Guy Viscuso, graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Cinematic Arts and has worked at Legendary Entertainment, known for producing The Man of Steel. She currently serves as the vice president of Vertigo Entertainment, an American film and television production company.

The news of Natalie’s pregnancy started circulating after photos of her with Cavill leaving a hotel surfaced. In one video, Cavill is seen leaving hand in hand with Natalie as they head to a waiting car. Natalie was wearing a tight black dress that showed her growing baby bump.

Cavill had previously discussed the potential of becoming a father, expressing his desire to be an active and healthy parent. Despite his relationship with Viscuso, rumors of a past romance between Cavill and singer Shakira were brought up during an interview. Cavill mentioned his admiration for Shakira and even humorously claimed credit for the line “my hips don’t lie.”

It’s worth noting that the rumored romance between Cavill and Shakira was never confirmed, and Cavill emphasized his long-time admiration for the Colombian singer’s music since he was young.

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