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Actor Richard Gere Relocates to a Charming Spanish City: Describes it as “a Beautiful Place” – Latest Trending Topic

What can it be about Hollywood that when one of its stars decides to come on a tourist trip to Spain, we go crazy. that when we meet Harrison Ford in San Sebastian or Dua Lipa in Barcelona, we grow and feel proud. Well, we can imagine how this news feels. And one of those stars has decided to come to live in Spain, more specifically in Madrid, to live her own “Pretty Woman”.

That star is the 71-year-old actor, Richard Gere; who, along with his partner, the Spanish Alejandra Silva They confirmed it in an interview in Vanity Fair magazine. The American actor and Alejandra Silva met in an Italian hotel in 2014 and fell in love almost instantly. The couple has two children, ages five and four, who join the one she had, who is 11, and the one he had with actress Carey Lowell, Homer, who is 24.

Together they live in New York, where he moved to escape the noise of Hollywood. Until now… when he himself confirms that the family is moving to Spain. The conversation between the director of the publication, Alberto Moreno, and the couple took place via video call and is illustrated by photographs taken there, in the American city.

And the actor is a true lover of our country. : “For me, going to Madrid is going to be a great adventure because I have never lived full time outside of the United States.. And I think it will also be very interesting for my children.”. Furthermore, he has said that he had an outstanding debt with his partner, a Spanish native: “For Alejandra, it will be wonderful to be closer to her family, her lifelong friends and her culture.. “She was very generous in giving me six years living in my world, so I think it’s only fair that I give her at least another six years living in hers.”

“In any case, I love Spain and I think your lifestyle is fabulous. Also your ability to live transmitting joy and happiness. It is a beautiful place, the food is extraordinary and the people exude sensitivity and generosity., as well as a strong will to laugh and enjoy. So I’m looking forward to going there.”.

But not everything is love for Spain. This great step that the interpreter takes ‘Officer and Gentleman’ It is also to escape from that Hollywood with which he no longer identifies: When I hear the word Hollywood, the first thing I think is that it is something very foreign to me. I haven’t lived in California in a quarter of a century nor have I filmed a movie in Los Angeles during that period. Lately, I tend to work on very independent films, and I also have a 24-year-old son who I didn’t want to be away from. That’s why I’ve stayed in New York.”

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