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Actress Grettell Valdéz Faces Severe Health Crisis

Grettell Valdéz recently shared a health crisis she experienced on Instagram Stories. The Mexican actress posted videos and images of herself talking about a serious illness she was battling. She expressed her frustration at being sick and mentioned that the virus was taking a toll on her.

In one video, she is seen lying down with a pale face, saying, “Do you know what I hate most in life? Getting sick.” Valdéz disclosed that she had been diagnosed with Salmonella after a weekend of suffering and had to undergo intravenous treatment to expedite the healing process.

The 47-year-old actress also talked about feeling extremely weak and unable to even make it to the hospital. She expressed gratitude towards her doctor and a friend for their care and support during her illness.


Known for her roles in soap operas like “What life stole from me,” “Wounds of love,” and “Rebel angel,” Valdéz received an outpouring of support from fans. She expressed appreciation for the messages she received and mentioned that she is currently working on the series “Juana The Virgin.”

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Grettel Valdez/ Instagram Stories

Although the actress did not disclose how she fell ill, she assured her fans that she is now on the road to recovery.

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