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Aibonito to Host “Open House” Events During Flower Festival

The traditional Flower Festival of Aibonito will be the scene for a massive gathering of local and diaspora Puerto Ricans who will arrive at the ‘Jardín de Puerto Rico’ to enjoy the popular event scheduled from Friday, June 28 to Sunday, July 7.

There will be around thirty flower growers who will present their best products in a fresh and familiar environment that, this year, will have as its platform the initiative of the Get together Boricua.

For the mayor William Alicea Pérez, Aibonito will have an “open house” during those 10 days to receive thousands of visitors, especially Aiboniteños who reside in the USA who will arrive on the island between May 1 and August 31 to participate in the activities in the towns.

“It will be the 54th edition of our Flower Festival, which is the longest festival on the island with 10 days of celebration. When they talk about flowers, people think of Aibonito, just as when they think of cool temperatures. That is why I want to make a special invitation to all those people who long to be in Aibonito and who come as part of the Junte Boricua to visit us,” he stated.

“We want all those people who in one way or another had to leave Puerto Rico and consequently from their town Aibonito, we invite them to come to our town that has always been distinguished by the warmth of our people, good people, selfless people, empathetic people, and the Flower Festival at the national level is what distinguishes us as a people,” he added.

Likewise, he highlighted the benefits of the event that takes place “in a spectacular property and the people who have been there in the past know that it is a property that inspires and invites people, visitors, to have that contact with nature and it is a unique experience.”

“Here parking is comfortable, we have good cuisine, good service, the plants are beautiful and, above all, at good prices which, in short, is something very particular about our town.”, he noted.

Likewise, the mayor urged the absent Aiboniteños to return to the town where they were born and raised with the aim of remembering their respective personal and family experiences.

Furthermore, “once you are here in Puerto Rico and come to Aibonito, we invite you to stop by the Piedra Degetau Viewpoint, a project that was conceived in the 90s and currently there is a restaurant that people can visit and taste any dish that you can imagine.”

“Aibonito has a wide gastronomic offer to offer to our people, both those who are in Puerto Rico, but in this case, we are addressing the diaspora who do not stop coming to our town,” he stressed, pointing out culinary alternatives such as “the restaurants Tío Pepe, El Balconcito, El Cantinflas, Rincón Familiar”, among others.

Another place to visit, according to Alicea Pérez, is the Puerto Rico Clock, located in the Asomante neighborhood.

“The tourist buzz has been the famous Puerto Rico Clock, located on the property of Dr. Eduardo Ibarra, recognized throughout Puerto Rico along with his wife Jeanny, and that space has become the new center of economic development through tourism that attracts,” he highlighted.

On the other hand, the mayor of Aibonito spoke of some projects that are part of the reconstruction of the municipality, among them, the remodeling of the old Encanto Theater, at a cost of $2 million from “municipal economies.”

According to Alicea Pérez, it will be a cinema-theater in which the screening of first-run films is expected.

“It is a community space and we are soon to open, with an investment of about $2 million and a capacity that exceeds 200 seats. We are in the last touches of paint, it already has water and light and, we are waiting for electronic equipment, we understand that it is the screen and some particular lights on the stage,” he revealed.

“Between the design, labor, equipment and furniture, air conditioning and others, the investment should be around $2 million, which is money from municipal economies. We hope that, at or before the end of the year, we can inaugurate it because it is a space that, we know, will have a great impact,” he added.

Meanwhile, in the Llanos neighborhood area, the municipal government continues with the construction of a walking track.

“We transformed the park into a walking track along with the remodeling of the indoor court. People told us that it would be more convenient to make a walking and exercise track. That’s why, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) authorized us and the next two quarters, we understand that these facilities must be almost 90% in their construction stage,” he assured.

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