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Air Jordan 4 Thunder Release Date Updates and Other Details

Air Jordan 4 Thunder Release Date Updates and Other Details

Air Jordan 4 Thunder Release Date Updates and Other Details

Air Jordan 4 “Thunder” Anticipated Comeback

In a surprising move that delighted sneaker enthusiasts, Nike initiated a limited Shock Drop of the Air Jordan 4 “Thunder” on April 18th through the SNKRS app. This release precedes a broader launch, signaling a thrilling return for a beloved classic. The “Thunder” variant, known for its striking colorway and premium design, is now poised to hit the shelves once again, stirring excitement among both long-time fans and new collectors.

Exploring the Legacy of the Air Jordan 4 “Thunder”

The Air Jordan 4 “Thunder” is not just a shoe; it’s a piece of basketball and sneaker history. First introduced in 2006 as part of the exclusive Thunder and Lightning Pack, this model featured a bold black and yellow color scheme that immediately caught the eye of the public. The pack, which also included the “Lightning” counterpart, was unique in that it was sold exclusively online, accompanied by a matching track jacket, and retailed at $500 — a hefty sum that reflected its limited-edition status.

After its initial drop, the “Thunder” colorway saw a re-release in 2012, and then again in 2022 with the “Red Thunder” variant. Each release has been met with enthusiasm, proving the enduring appeal of this iconic design.

2023 Release Details

Mark your calendars for May 13, 2023, as the Air Jordan 4 “Thunder” makes its grand re-entry into the market. Priced at $210, this sneaker will be available through Jordan Brand retailers,, and the SNKRS app. The design retains the classic black nubuck upper with vibrant yellow accents that highlight the midsole, side panels, and wing-tip eyelets, staying true to the original aesthetics that fans adore.

For those who missed the initial Shock Drop, this wider release provides a perfect opportunity to snag a pair of these coveted kicks. As we approach the release date, additional images and details of the 2023 version are surfacing, allowing fans to get a closer look at what to expect from this retro release.

Looking Ahead: The “White Thunder” Air Jordan 4

Sneaker news doesn’t stop with the re-release of the classic “Thunder.” Rumors have it that a new variation, dubbed the “White Thunder,” is set to debut in August 2024. This upcoming model is said to feature a black nubuck upper with white accents replacing the traditional yellow, offering a fresh twist on the classic. While images of the sneaker are yet to be released, anticipation is already building.

This new addition promises to expand the “Thunder” lineage, introducing a lighter, more versatile palette that could appeal to a broader audience. Sneakerheads should keep an eye out for more updates and sneak peeks in the months leading up to the release.


The Air Jordan 4 “Thunder” continues to be a significant part of Jordan Brand’s legacy, captivating new and old fans with each release. Whether you’re a collector looking to revisit a classic or a newcomer eager to experience the hype for the first time, the upcoming releases of the “Thunder” and “White Thunder” are not to be missed. Stay tuned to official channels and sneaker news outlets for the latest information and prepare to add a piece of history to your collection.


When will the Air Jordan 4 “Thunder” be released in 2023?
The Air Jordan 4 “Thunder” is scheduled for release on May 13, 2023.

What is the price of the Air Jordan 4 “Thunder”?
The retail price for the sneaker is set at $210.

Where can I purchase the Air Jordan 4 “Thunder”?
It will be available at Jordan Brand retailers, online at, and on the SNKRS app.

What are the main colors of the Air Jordan 4 “Thunder”?
The sneaker features a black and yellow color scheme.

Is there a new version of the Air Jordan 4 “Thunder” releasing soon?
Yes, a “White Thunder” variant is rumored to be released in August 2024.

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