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Álex Brocca’s Family Accuses Ernesto Pimentel of Treating Him Like a ‘Chulillo’

The sisters of Álex Brocca, the ex-partner of Ernesto Pimentel, have broken their silence after 24 years to confront the creator of ‘Chola Chabuca’ following the premiere of his autobiographical film. From Chile, Jésica and Verónica Gutiérrez expressed their indignation in an interview for ‘Amor y Fuego’ and stated that they will fight to clean up their brother’s image. They claim that the film distorts the truth of what happened and that their brother was the one who helped Pimentel in his early days.

Jésica and Verónica denied allegations of extortion against their brother. They mentioned that the publication of his book was intended to cover the costs of his HIV treatment, not to extort Pimentel. The sisters now question why Pimentel sued their brother for revealing details of their affair almost 30 years later.

The biographical film of Ernesto Pimentel, the renowned presenter behind the iconic character of “La Chola Chabuca”, has been released. The premiere was attended by several Peruvian celebrities who gave emotional statements to the press.

Ernesto Pimentel, in an interview, talks about his journey and how he became the character of La Chola Chabuca. He reflects on his life, his career, and his future plans. He also discusses his experience of becoming a father through surrogacy.

Pimentel mentions that La Chola Chabuca is a fictional character that represents the best of him, and he intends to explore other facets of his career, including music and acting.

He emphasizes the importance of facing challenges and overcoming obstacles in life, and he shares his thoughts on love, faithfulness, and the entertainment industry.

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