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Alexa Dellanos Stuns in Bikini and Elegant Dress During Miami Getaway

Lover of tight, flirtatious and feminine dresses, Alexa Dellanos who has inherited from his mother Dark Dellanos. Her wasp waist always surprises us with sensual images on her social networks.

The model and influencer is enjoying the Miami sun, where she attended the New You awards ceremony, and participated as a panelist. These days we have seen her posing in feminine dresses on the red carpet at the awards ceremony and other events in which she also enjoyed the company of her famous mother.

For example, a satin model in cream color with a halter neck, another strapless design in barbie pink and a romantic corset-style body suit with a floral print. But we have also seen her in a bikini and a tight dress with slits, ready for the city party.


A few months ago, Dellanos opened up to his followers and admitted that he had injected fillers into some parts of his body such as his hips and butt, but he had chosen to remove these substances in a procedure with a painful recovery, realizing that They were not beneficial to their health.


And you can see that she shows off her divine curves.


With a neon green bikini, and kiwi and green heart emojis, the businesswoman also shared several snapshots in a swimsuit, in front of the mirror, leaning out on the balcony or looking at the camera, this triangle and thong model looked divine on her.

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In her busy schedule, Dellanos also had time to go out to dinner and enjoy some cocktails with friends, for which she dressed in a white lace dress, with a bodice with slits and a pencil skirt at the hip, very sensual, which she combined with a bag of Hermes in emerald green.

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