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Amber Heard, Richard Gere, and Other Hollywood Stars Who Reside in Spain and You Were Unaware of

The Hollywood Hills can look very glamorous on screen. However, there are many big names in the film industry who choose to move away from the constant filming set that is Los Angeles and settle in other cities.

Some choose to stay in the United States and change coasts, like Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence, who live in New York; while others move to countries like Australia (Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky), England (Tom Holland and Zendaya), Portugal (Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander) or Spain.

In the latter case, we are not referring to Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem or Antonio Banderas, who, despite also working abroad, prefer to live in their native country, but also international actors and actresses who have chosen Madrid as their new home.

These are the celebrities who reside in our country and you probably didn’t know it.

Amber Heard

In May of last year, the international press reported on how the actress of Aquaman had decided to move away from the spotlight and from Hollywood after the high-profile legal battle she was involved in with Johnny Depp, and had settled in Madrid with her daughter Oonagh. She herself has claimed to be delighted with the change of scenery.

Heard has kept a low profile since the controversial trial with her ex-partner and landed in the Spanish capital after previously spending time in Palma de Mallorca. It is worth noting that the interpreter grew up in Texas surrounded by Latin people and is fluent in Spanish, as we have already seen her speak it fluently in his meetings with the national press in recent months.

Viggo Mortensen

The actor of The Lord of the Rings knows well what multiculturalism is: he was born in New York, to a Danish father and an American mother, but he grew up in Buenos Aires until he was 11 years old and that is why he speaks Spanish perfectly.

Mortensen has lived in Madrid for years with his partner, actress Ariadna Gil, whom he met while filming Alatriste. Of course, even though he now lives in Spain, no one can take away the Argentine accent, nor can the love for mate and the San Lorenzo de Almagro team.

Josh Hutcherson

Another actor who has moved to the Spanish capital for love has been Josh Hutcherson, the eternal Peeta in The Hunger Games, who, despite continuing to work in the United States, has established his residence in our country.

The interpreter, who has been dating Spanish actress Claudia Traisac since they met on the set of filming Escobar, lost paradise (2014), he has been caught on camera walking through the streets of the city center and is so integrated into his girlfriend’s group of friends, among whom are the Javis, that he even had a cameo in Paquita Salas. Furthermore, he does not miss the opportunity to continue conquering us with his perfect Spanish accent.

Richard Gere

Richard Gere and his wife, the Galician publicist Alejandra Silva, have recently confirmed their move to Madrid with their two children. Although until now the actor Pretty Woman and his partner have lived in New York, last year the media already claimed that they were looking for a house and school in Madrid to move to the city.

Gere and Silva have spent long vacation stays in our country and the actor is a self-confessed lover of Spanish culture and way of life.

Other stars with a home in Spain

Even if they don’t live here, many Hollywood celebrities choose Spain as a vacation destination and end up buying a home for their getaways. Among these famous people from the world of cinema, we have Eva Longoria, who has recently acquired a luxurious mansion in Marbella, or Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in love), with Galician in-laws, who owns a property that he renovated in Puebla de Trives (Ourense).

The islands are also a draw for the stars. In 2016, when he was still with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt bought a home in Port d’Andratx, Mallorca. Not far from there, in Valldemossa, the couple formed by Catherine Zeta-Jones y Michael Douglas has a villa, S’Estaca.

Now the question is: Who will be the next performer to succumb to the landscapes, lifestyle or gastronomy of our country? Chris Hemsworth has repeated on numerous occasions how much he liked the Guipuzcoan coast when he visited it with Elsa Pataky in 2018 and it is rumored in the Spanish media that the couple could be looking for a house near Donostia.

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