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American Citizenship: The Most Common Questions on the Civics Test | United States | RPPUSA

When a migrant seeks naturalization in the United States, the Citizenship and Immigration Service (Uscis) administers an oral test consisting of up to 100 history and civic education questions about the country. An officer from Uscis selects ten questions from the pool of 100, and the applicant must correctly answer at least six questions to pass the test.

Commonly asked questions revolve around the American Government’s constitution, the country’s history, and its national symbols. To assist citizens in preparing for the test, Uscis provides a guide with the necessary information to successfully complete the naturalization process.

The questions are divided into categories such as U.S. government, rights and responsibilities, American history, and integrated civic education. These questions cover a wide range of topics including the principles of American democracy, the structure of the government system, historical events, and geographical knowledge.

The questions aim to test the applicant’s understanding of American values and principles, ensuring they have the knowledge needed to become a U.S. citizen.

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