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American Horror Story Season 12 Release Date Updates and Other Details

American Horror Story Season 12 Release Date Updates and Other Details

American Horror Story Season 12 Release Date Updates and Other Details

American Horror Story Season 12: Everything You Need to Know

Introduction to Season 12

The twelfth season of the critically acclaimed series, American Horror Story, is set to premiere on September 20, 2023, on FX in the United States. Titled “American Horror Story: Delicate,” this season promises to bring a fresh and intriguing twist to the beloved horror anthology. With a plot inspired by Danielle Valentine’s novel “Delicate Condition,” the new season explores chilling new themes and introduces a star-studded cast.

Star-Studded Cast and New Additions

Season 12 sees the return of series regulars such as Emma Roberts, alongside newcomers like Kim Kardashian, making one of her most significant acting debuts. Kardashian will portray Siobhan Walsh, a character shrouded in mystery and complexity. The cast also includes notable names such as Cara Delevingne and Matt Czuchry, enhancing the season’s appeal with their performances.

Emma Roberts reprises a leading role, continuing her legacy within the series. The ensemble cast is set to deliver performances that align with the show’s reputation for suspense and thrill, under the guidance of series co-creator Ryan Murphy.

Plot and Theme Insights

“American Horror Story: Delicate” diverges from its predecessors by adapting a novel for the first time in the series’ history. The story revolves around a woman’s harrowing journey during her pregnancy, as she becomes entangled in a sinister plot that threatens her unborn child. This season is expected to weave psychological horror with supernatural elements, maintaining the show’s tradition of delivering gripping narratives.

Release Details and Viewing Options

The premiere of “American Horror Story: Delicate” is scheduled for September 20, 2023, with subsequent episodes to air weekly on FX. For international viewers, the series will be available on Disney Plus, although the release dates may vary. Fans can look forward to a season split into two parts, with dates for the second segment yet to be announced.

Behind the Scenes and Production

Production for the twelfth season kicked off in May 2023, with Halley Feiffer serving as the writer and showrunner. Despite facing challenges such as the Writers Guild of America strike, the production team managed to resume work promptly, ensuring the season’s timely release. Ryan Murphy’s involvement and creative direction continue to be pivotal in shaping the series’ unique storytelling style.

Future Seasons and Series Continuation

Following the renewal announcement in January 2020, fans of American Horror Story can rest assured that the series will extend through at least season 13. This renewal underscores the show’s enduring popularity and the network’s confidence in its continued success.


As “American Horror Story: Delicate” prepares to captivate audiences with its unique blend of horror and drama, both longtime fans and newcomers have much to look forward to. This season not only explores new narrative ground but also reaffirms the show’s place as a cornerstone of contemporary horror television.


  • When will American Horror Story Season 12 premiere?
    Season 12, titled “American Horror Story: Delicate,” will premiere on September 20, 2023, on FX.
  • Who are the new cast members in Season 12?
    Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevingne are among the new additions, with Kardashian playing Siobhan Walsh.
  • What is the theme of Season 12?
    The season is based on the novel “Delicate Condition” by Danielle Valentine, focusing on a woman’s perilous pregnancy.
  • How can I watch Season 12 in the UK?
    The series will be available on Disney Plus, although the exact release date is yet to be confirmed.
  • Will there be more seasons of American Horror Story?
    Yes, the series has been renewed through Season 13, ensuring more thrilling stories to come.

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