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American Pickers What Happened To Frank

American Pickers What Happened To Frank

American Pickers: What Happened to Frank Fritz

The Journey of Frank Fritz Post-‘American Pickers’

Frank Fritz, once a vibrant co-host on the popular reality TV show “American Pickers,” has faced significant health challenges since his departure from the series. Known for his keen eye for antiques and a dynamic partnership with Mike Wolfe, Fritz’s life took a dramatic turn following a severe stroke in July 2022.

Frank Fritz’s Health Crisis

In mid-2022, Frank Fritz suffered a debilitating stroke that significantly impacted his mobility and ability to communicate. Found unresponsive in his home, he was quickly hospitalized, marking the beginning of a long and ongoing recovery process. The severity of the stroke left him with major physical and cognitive challenges, necessitating comprehensive medical and personal care.

Following his hospitalization, Fritz was placed under a temporary guardianship. This legal measure was deemed necessary due to his compromised decision-making abilities, ensuring his safety and the management of his basic needs and financial affairs. A close friend took on the role of his guardian, overseeing his health decisions, while a local bank was appointed to handle his financial matters.

Impact on ‘American Pickers’

Frank Fritz’s health issues came after his noticeable absence from “American Pickers,” which began during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fans of the show were left puzzled and concerned as episodes aired without him. In July 2021, Mike Wolfe publicly acknowledged Fritz’s departure from the show, expressing his personal loss and calling for prayers for Fritz’s well-being.

The show, which debuted in 2010, broke away from traditional antique shows by taking viewers along as Fritz and Wolfe explored various corners of the country, hunting for neglected treasures. This formula proved to be a hit, turning the show into a staple on the History Channel.

Recent Developments and Reunion

Despite the challenges, recent times have shown positive developments in Fritz’s condition. In early 2023, he made a public appearance, indicating improvements in his health. This outing, his first since the stroke, was shared by friends on social media, showing Fritz enjoying time at a local social club, which brought joy to his supporters.

Memorial Day weekend of the same year marked a poignant moment as Fritz reunited with Wolfe. The reunion was reportedly emotional, reflecting on their shared past and the deep bond formed over years of working together. During this meeting, Wolfe hinted at the possibility of Fritz returning to television, although Fritz remains focused on his health recovery.

Frank Fritz Today

Today, Frank Fritz continues to live in a specially adapted home that accommodates his physical limitations. His recovery is supported by a team of therapists and the constant care of his guardian. While he no longer appears on “American Pickers,” his legacy on the show and impact on the antique collecting community are fondly remembered by fans.

His antique store, Frank Fritz Finds, remains operational but has faced challenges. The store has reportedly been in a state of disrepair, though efforts have been made to manage and maintain it as a tribute to Fritz’s career and passion for antiques.


Frank Fritz’s journey through health struggles and his gradual recovery highlight the unpredictable nature of life, even for those in the public eye. His story continues to unfold, with the support of friends, family, and a community of fans who hope for his full recovery and celebrate his contributions to the world of antique picking.


  • What happened to Frank Fritz from American Pickers?
    Frank Fritz suffered a severe stroke in July 2022, which led to significant health challenges and his departure from the show.
  • Is Frank Fritz returning to American Pickers?
    As of now, there are no confirmed plans for Frank Fritz to return to American Pickers, as he is focusing on his health recovery.
  • How is Frank Fritz doing now?
    Frank Fritz is currently under guardianship, receiving ongoing care to manage the effects of his stroke, and shows signs of gradual improvement.
  • Did Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz have a falling out?
    While there were rumors of a feud, recent reunions and public statements suggest that any misunderstandings have been largely resolved.
  • Can I visit Frank Fritz’s antique store?
    Frank Fritz Finds remains open to the public, though it has faced challenges related to Frank’s health and ability to manage the business.

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