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American Tourists Will Once Again Need a Visa to Visit Brazil

Starting April 10, 2025, the citizens of USA, Canada, and Australia will face new requirements to enter Brazil according to the latest regulations implemented by the Lula da Silva government. This change in policy, which was initially planned for 2024 but will finally be completed next year, seeks to standardize entry processes into the country, including visitors for tourism or cruise trips, who must process an eVisa (electronic permit).

The initiative was born after during Jair Bolsonaro’s government, “the standard of Brazilian immigration policy, historically based on the principles of reciprocity and equality of treatment”, they pointed out from the Brazilian ministry. Bolsonaro, who did not apply the principle of reciprocity of his predecessors, repealed the requirement of visas for the citizens of those four countries, without the same remuneration, with the argument of facilitating tourism and business.

“Brazil does not grant unilateral exemption from visas visit without reciprocity,” highlighted the Chancellery, which stated that regardless of the current decision it will continue to “negotiate” with those four countries “visa exemption agreements on a reciprocal basis.”

Now, starting April 10, 2025, when the regulations come into force, the modality of electronic visa which was used until 2019 for those countries. The new eVisa for Brazil will have a cost of USD 80.90 and will offer a validity of 10 years with the possibility of multiple entries to the country, although limiting the stay to 90 days per year.

This regulatory change is aligned with global practices in international mobility management and represents an effort to strengthen security and immigration control, while maintaining the opening towards tourism and international relations. To obtain the electronic visa, applicants must comply with a series of detailed requirements:

  • A letter of intent that will specify dates and the reason for the trip
  • Confirmation of accommodation, proof of residence
  • Return tickets or a signed declaration of return
  • Proof of income

This last requirement involves the verification of bank account statements for the last three months or the last six payslips, with a minimum average income of USD 2,000. Applicants who do not meet the income criteria may opt for a financial sponsor.

It is a requirement that is a reflection of similar procedures applied by other countries, such as the USA, to Brazilian citizens who wish to enter its territory. The reciprocity in visa policies reinforces bilateral relations based on respect and equal conditions for international travelers.

The company VFS Global will be in charge of processing the Brazil visa applications. The average waiting time for processing is anticipated to be five business days, although from the Brazilian authorities, they recommend starting the process at least two months before the planned travel date, to avoid inconveniences or delays.

It is an adjustment in visa policy occurs in a context in which Brazil has experienced a significant increase in international tourist arrivals. In the first nine months of 2023, the country welcomed almost 6 million foreign visitors, highlighting citizens Americans as the second largest group, only surpassed by visitors Argentines.

These data, provided by TravelPulse emphasize the importance of tourism as an engine of the Brazilian economy and the need to adapt migration policies to the reality of the global tourist flow.

At the same time Brazil adjusts its policy, the European Union has decided to postpone the implementation of its program called ETIAS, which will require visitors from most non-member countries in The EU to obtain prior travel authorization.

These global measures reflect a coordinated effort by tourist destinations to manage migration flows efficiently and safely, guaranteeing at the same time a favorable travel experience for international visitors.

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