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An Illinois woman delves into America’s romance scam epidemic when her mother disappears

Laura Kowal, a 57-year-old retired hospital executive from Galena, Illinois, joined an online dating site to find love after losing her husband. She met a man named Frank Borg, whose relationship with her quickly turned from romantic to manipulative. Kowal’s daughter, Kelly Gowe, received a call from a federal investigator in 2020, alerting her to her mother’s involvement in a fraud scam. Kowal was scammed out of $1.5 million by Frank, leading to her mysterious death. Gowe now advocates for victims of romance scams to raise awareness and prevent others from falling victim to such schemes. Law enforcement faces challenges in investigating these crimes, with victims often too ashamed to report the fraud. Scammers, through manipulation and technology, target people from all walks of life, preying on their desire for affection. Gowe’s journey to uncover the truth behind her mother’s death highlights the devastating impact of romance scams on individuals and families.


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