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Aot Final Season Part 3 Release Date Updates and Other Details

Aot Final Season Part 3 Release Date Updates and Other Details

Aot Final Season Part 3 Release Date Updates and Other Details

Anticipating the Climax: Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 Details

Introduction to the Finale

As one of the most celebrated shonen anime series, Attack on Titan has captivated audiences worldwide with its intense storytelling and complex characters. Since its inception, the series has evolved through various seasons and story arcs, leading to the much-anticipated finale. The final season, Season 4, has been released in stages since 2020 and is set to conclude with a special episode in late 2023.

Release Date Confirmation

The journey of Attack on Titan is set to reach its epic conclusion with the release of the final episode of Season 4 Part 3. After much anticipation and speculation, the release date has been officially set for November 4, 2023, at midnight JST, which translates to November 5, 2023, for many international viewers. This final installment will be available globally on streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll, allowing fans from all corners of the globe to witness the end of this saga simultaneously.

Global Release Schedule

The final episode’s release will cater to a global audience, with timings adjusted to accommodate viewers in various time zones. Here’s a quick look at when the episode will be available in some key regions:

  • United States: November 4, 2023, at 5:00 PM PT
  • India: November 5, 2023, at 5:30 AM IST
  • United Kingdom: November 5, 2023, at 12:00 AM GMT
  • Japan: November 5, 2023, at 12:00 AM JST
  • Australia: November 5, 2023, at 9:30 AM ACST

What to Expect in the Final Episode

The climax of Attack on Titan is poised to deliver a breathtaking conclusion, adapting the final chapters of the manga, from Chapter 135 to Chapter 139. These chapters cover critical battles and pivotal moments, including the intense confrontation between Eren and his former allies who are determined to stop his catastrophic plan. The final episode promises to blend high-stakes action with deep emotional resolutions, potentially answering the series’ long-standing questions and character arcs.

Special Features and Runtime

The last episode, titled “The Final Chapters Special 2,” will have an extended runtime of approximately 86 minutes. This extended episode is designed to cover the necessary ground to wrap up the sprawling narrative adequately, ensuring that the finale is as comprehensive and satisfying as possible.

Countdown to the Finale

To help fans keep track of when the final episode will be available, a countdown timer has been set up on various fan sites and on Crunchyroll. This timer is synchronized with the global release time, providing a fun and exciting way for the community to count down together to the final moments of this beloved series.


As Attack on Titan approaches its grand finale, the excitement and anticipation within the anime community are palpable. This final episode not only marks the end of an era but also celebrates the rich narrative and artistic journey that the series has offered to its fans. November 4, 2023, will indeed be a significant day in the history of anime, as viewers worldwide tune in to witness the conclusion of this monumental series.


What time will the Attack on Titan final episode air in the US?
The episode will air at 5:00 PM PT on November 4, 2023.

How many chapters of the manga will the final episode cover?
The final episode will adapt Chapters 135 to 139 of the manga.

Where can I watch the final episode of Attack on Titan?
The episode will be available to stream on Crunchyroll.

How long will the final episode be?
The episode will have a runtime of approximately 86 minutes.

Is there a countdown timer for the final episode?
Yes, a countdown timer is available on Crunchyroll and various fan sites.

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