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Arantxa del Sol shares exciting words after emotional reunion with Finito de Córdoba on ‘Survivientes 2024’

Tonight’s gala of ‘Conexión Honduras’ began with the engines warmed up with the long-awaited reunion of Finito de Córdoba (52 years old) and Arantxa del Sol (51 years old). The presenter has been expressing her desire to reunite with her husband for days. The right-hander has traveled more than 8,000 kilometers to see his wife in Honduras. However, Sandra Barneda already warned him that it was not going to be easy at all. And Finito de Córdoba has had to face a complicated test to be able to reunite with her.

Finally, Finito de Córdoba managed to win the two keys necessary to free Arantxa from the cage in which she was found. After this, the right-hander and the presenter were able to meet again. The couple has starred one of the most special moments of the entire gala when they merged in an emotional kiss of lovers, giving free rein to their love.

The anticipation to see the long-awaited reunion between Arantxa del Sol and her husband, Finito de Córdoba, was the great highlight of this latest installment of ‘Conexión Honduras’. Although Finito has had to face a test until he can see his wife again, he has given everything to get the two keys with which to get his wife out of the cage in which she was imprisoned. Before beginning the test, Finito de Córdoba made a plea in favor of his wife’s participation. “She is being her in all her virtues, is that she is a woman who flees from conflicts, from controversy…

After passing the test, Finito arrived at the beach where Arantxa was, and they had the biggest moment of the night. Finito freed the woman from him and managed to remove the blindfold she was wearing over her eyes. As it could not be otherwise, emotion took over both of them. “You couldn’t be prettier! How beautiful! Not even hunger steals your beauty, little girl,” expressed the very excited right-hander, who soon took his wife in his arms while they continued kissing. After returning to Sandra, the presenter asked Arantxa how she felt: “Super excited, it has been an immense joy,” confessed the ‘Survivors 2024’ contestant between tears of joy and happiness. “You told me come and here I am,” Finito concluded.

After recovering from her emotion, Arantxa thanked the program for bringing her husband to the Cayos Cochinos. “Thank you very much, Sandra, and to the program, it has been the best gift you could give me,” confessed Arantxa very excited after reuniting with her husband. “It has been beautiful, many thanks to that great team, sending me all their energy. It’s super nice what I’m living here”Thank you,” she wrote. Despite having lived through some difficult days, the fact of being reunited with her husband has been a real boost of energy for the presenter. The couple in love has been able to enjoy some time alone until Sandra Barneda He reconnected with them so that they would return to the rest of the contestants on the beach.

The moment has been most exciting for the people on set, but, without a doubt, the one who has experienced it the most has been the couple’s eldest daughter, Lucía. The young woman could not help but shed some tears when she saw the reunion of her parents. Arantxa’s daughter shared with the rest of the spectators how proud she is of the great family she has: “I get home and see my parents, my brother, and I say ‘how lucky I am to have a united family,'” he confessed.

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