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Argentina Acquires 24 F-16 Fighter Jets from Denmark

The Minister of Defense of Argentina, Luis Petri, signed a purchase agreement for 24 F-16 combat aircraft in Denmark on Tuesday, according to a statement from the Ministry. Petri stated that this acquisition marks the most significant military aeronautical purchase since 1983. The F-16 aircraft have been modernized with the best technology, making them comparable to the top aircraft in the South American region and the world.

Back in March, the Argentine Government signed a letter of intent for the purchase, with Minister Petri and his Danish counterpart, Troels Lund Poulsen, signing a document in Buenos Aires to move forward with the acquisition, which was completed this Tuesday. The Ministry of Defense announced their intent to equip their Forces and restore the country’s supersonic capacity.

Denmark’s Defense Minister also shared the news, expressing satisfaction at Argentina joining the F-16 family. Denmark will not only sell 24 fighters to Argentina but will also donate 19 F-16s from its fleet to Ukraine. The United States Government, which facilitated the negotiations between Buenos Aires and Copenhagen and approved the sale of the aircraft, celebrated the agreement through their social media channels.

The F-16 aircraft are versatile, multi-purpose supersonic aircraft with a single jet engine. The US Air Force considers them high-performance and relatively affordable weapons systems. Argentina currently does not have supersonic fighter aircraft in service since retiring its Mirage III fighters in 2015.

The F-16s that Argentina aims to purchase are known for their combat capabilities and speed. They are used for air-to-air and ground attack missions. The aircraft are manufactured by Lockheed Martin, with nearly 2,200 F-16s in operation worldwide. The planes require significant maintenance for every hour of flight time.

The training of maintenance personnel can take months or years, and pilot training to acquire combat capabilities is a complex process that could span several years. The F-16s were designed in the 1970s and have been in operational service since 1978. The aircraft sought by Argentina have been continuously updated and equipped with modern instruments and weapons systems.

Overall, the acquisition of the F-16 combat aircraft represents a significant milestone for Argentina in enhancing its military capabilities. With information from Germán Padinger.

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