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Ark Release Date Updates and Other Details

Ark Release Date Updates and Other Details

Ark Survival Ascended: A New Era in Gaming

The gaming community was abuzz with excitement following the announcement of Ark Survival Ascended, a title that not only upgrades the beloved survival game but also marks a transition to the latest gaming consoles. This new iteration, which launched between October and November 2023, has been designed to leverage the advanced capabilities of the Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC, offering a richer and more immersive gaming experience.

Ark Survival Ascended made its debut on PC on October 25, 2023, followed by a release on Xbox Series X|S on November 21, and finally gracing the PlayStation 5 on November 30. The staggered release schedule was primarily due to last-minute technical adjustments and the time required for console certification processes. Despite these challenges, the game has been well-received, with many praising its enhanced features and visual fidelity powered by Unreal Engine 5.

Enhancements and Features

Ark Survival Ascended is not just a simple remaster but a comprehensive overhaul that introduces a slew of enhancements and new features. The game now supports crossplay and includes robust anti-cheat measures, along with cross-platform modding capabilities. These improvements ensure a seamless and secure gaming experience across different platforms. Additionally, the game benefits from significant performance boosts thanks to the integration of cutting-edge technologies like Nanite, Lumen, and RTXDI.

The visual upgrades are particularly notable, with dynamic water effects, interactive foliage, and an overall art overhaul that breathes new life into the game’s world. Quality-of-life improvements such as a third-person camera, an enhanced ping system, and updated mini-map make the gameplay more intuitive and enjoyable. New gameplay elements like directional sprinting, walking, and the addition of new structures further enrich the player’s experience. Moreover, the integration of Survival of the Fittest into the main game brings dedicated balancing and bug fixes, enhancing the competitive aspect of the game.

Upcoming Content and DLC

While Ark Survival Ascended is currently available in early access, its full release is slated for late 2024. In the meantime, players can look forward to new downloadable content (DLC) packs that will be sold separately. These include the Explorer’s Pass, which features expansions like Scorched Earth and Aberration set for release in the fourth quarter of 2023, and Extinction, expected in the first quarter of 2024. The Genesis Pass will also be available, with its first part launching in the first quarter of 2024 and the second part in the second quarter.

For newcomers to the Ark series, Survival Ascended offers an engaging survival experience on an island filled with dangerous dinosaurs. Players must manage their resources effectively while building bases and crafting weapons to survive the dinosaur-infested landscapes. Additionally, the unique feature of being able to tame dinosaurs adds an intriguing twist to the survival gameplay.

Looking Forward

As Ark Survival Ascended continues to evolve in its early access phase, players can expect ongoing updates and improvements. The development team at Studio Wildcard is committed to refining the game and adding new content to enhance the gaming experience further. For those eager to see the game in action, gameplay footage is available online, showcasing the new features and the enhanced visual quality of the game.

Ark Survival Ascended represents a significant step forward for the franchise, promising to be one of the best survival games available on modern gaming platforms. As the full release approaches, both new players and veterans of the series have much to look forward to.


When did Ark Survival Ascended release?
Ark Survival Ascended launched in early access between October and November 2023, with specific release dates for different platforms.

What are the major upgrades in Ark Survival Ascended?
The game features crossplay, anti-cheat, cross-platform modding, performance enhancements using Unreal Engine 5, and a visual overhaul with technologies like Nanite, Lumen, and RTXDI.

Is there any new content coming to Ark Survival Ascended?
Yes, new DLC packs such as the Explorer’s Pass and Genesis Pass will be released, adding new content and features to the game.

Can I play Ark Survival Ascended on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S?
Yes, Ark Survival Ascended is available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

When will Ark Survival Ascended exit early access?
The full release of Ark Survival Ascended is expected in late 2024.

Can I see gameplay footage of Ark Survival Ascended?
Yes, gameplay footage is available online, providing a glimpse into the upgraded visuals and new features of the game.

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