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Arkadiy Mutavchi: life and work of a Tacticum Investments shareholder

Arkadiy Mutavchi is an economist who founded and managed several enterprises and is still engaged in active business. He is holder of a Candidate of Science degree in legal studies. Since 2019, he has been the owner of shares in the Tacticum Investments. Arkadiy is a successful business leader and a true family man.

Childhood and education

Before Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi came of age, he lived in the city of Ungheni, studied at the secondary school and earned his first income at a local fish farm when he was 14 years old. After graduating from school, in 1988, he joined the Soviet army and served there for 2 years.

When Arkadiy got discharged from the army, he plunged into civilian life and became acquainted with the world of business — he started working at the Hungarian-Soviet  organization called Sidjata, which was involved in the business of exporting Soviet mechanical engineering products to Eastern Europe. Arkadiy Mutavchi earned there a small amount of money and used it for further investments.

From 2001 to 2010, Arkadiy Mutavchi had studied at universities, first at Ministry of Internal Affairs University, then he defended his thesis at the Russian Academy of Public Administration and became a Candidate of Science in legal studies, thereafter he further improved his qualifications at the Higher School of Economics. Afterwards acquired another higher education certificate (specialization in economics) at RANEPA.

Arkadiy’s achievements in the capital

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, an economic overhaul occurred, which gave Arkadiy Mutavchi additional opportunities for development. He moved to Moscow and got into a career, gaining management experience in various industries: invested in a realty business, imported products from Germany, worked as a commercial director of a manufacturing company, etc.

In 1994, Arkadiy Mutavchi got an account on the stock exchange, which helped him increase capital in parallel with a heavy workload. The future shareholder of Tacticum Investments S.A. saw great potential in the investment field when in the early 90s that niche was just emerging in the post-Soviet space. He begins to invest in land plots together with his partner, with whom he conducted this activity. The investments turned out to be successful, while finding those willing to invest was also easy for Arkadiy Mutavchi. The acquired land parcel was subsequently sold for development as a resort hotel. That was one of his successful projects.

Arkadiy Ivanovich invested in shares of new and fast-growing companies, and in 5 years he was able to significantly increase his capital. Arkadiy Mutavchi developed his investment portfolio using new instruments; for example, he used coins made from precious metals as assets for profitable investments.

Having tried his hand at various fields, Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi gained enormous experience and knowledge, which, among other things, helped him at Tacticum Investments S.A. Let’s take a closer look at Arkadiy Mutavchi’s career path with various organizations.


Sijata and Safety companies

After discharging from the Army, Arkadiy Mutavchi joins Sijata as a manager. In those days this was a prestigious job. There, he studies export and import trading business and tries his hand at international trade.

At Safety, Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi continues to practice export and import operations, gains new experience, and gets involved with that business for two years.


In 1995, Arkadiy Mutavchi was involved in the supply management of drilling rigs and also was dealing with legal issues. Arkadiy worked in management positions at the Stalservice company until 1997.

Metal-Impex organization

In 1997, Arkadiy Mutavchi moved to the position of top manager at Metal-Impex. His tasks include monitoring the operation of tolling schemes. Their essence was that the customer transfers the raw materials to the manufacturer, who undertakes to process it into final products.

He did not work in this position for long, since he started his own business, which he had long dreamed of while gaining experience and knowledge in various fields. His own development as a specialist was always coming first place and since 1998 he has completely immersed himself in the personal development and entrepreneurship. That was one of the important steps on the path of the future owner of Tacticum Investments S.A.


Arkadiy Mutavchi participated in the founding and management of the Shelda trading company, which dealt with rolled metal using bill of exchange and barter settlements, and was also engaged in wholesale trade.


In 2000, Arkadiy Mutavchi participated in the founding the Profintech financial and industrial company, where he improved his skills in the field of petroleum products trading. The enterprise paid off, developed successfully and yielded new practical knowledge to the future owner of Tacticum Investments S.A. A couple of years later, Arkadiy Mutavchi sold his share to his partners, receiving a good reward, which became the basis for further investments.

Vice presidency at Kungur

In 2008, Arkadiy Mutavchi again plunged into commerce and found himself at the head of a Kungur group of organizations involved into metallurgy business. As a top manager, he practically led the company to an IPO, but the crisis that broke off at the time changed the situation. Meanwhile, Arkadiy thought about founding his own company. All this time he has been developing and perfecting his skills in various fields. Now the time has come to initiate a major project independently.


In 2015, Arkadiy Mutavchi acquired the Trigrad organization and increased his capital by investing in various organizations. Arkadiy was the head of the organization. That investment business was focused on industries with low volatility in the fields of medicine and IT technology.

Establishment of Tacticum Investments S.A.

In 2014, Arkadiy Mutavchi officially received the title of a qualified investor. It is established by law in the Russian Federation and means that the person is a qualified exchange broker with a proven stability and success in trading and an ability to operate with large equity. Since then, he gained the right to participate in exchange transactions with complex instruments. Acquiring this status was another step towards Tacticum Investments S.A.

Arkadiy Mutavchi creates his Tacticum  group in 2019, which subsequently makes a major deal to acquire Long Term Investments, a Luxembourg-based investment holding. The holding stirred interest due to the presence of the Italian tire manufacturer in its portfolio. Despite the significant debts of the acquired company, Arkadiy bought it after a detailed review and weighing all the pros and cons of the acquisition.

Pirelli securities were not the only asset of LTI Luxembourg. For example, in 2019, shares of 36.6 pharmacy chain had been acquired. The brand was actively growing and promised good prospects while by the end of 2019 it occupied four percent of the pharmacy market in the Russian Federation.

Subsequently, the Luxembourg holding changed its name to Tacticum Investments S.A. Under Arkadiy’s careful guidance, the company’s financial strategy was revised, principles of portfolio management were changed and new goals were set.

Next, with the world facing the Covid-19 pandemic, some of Arkadiy’s plans were halted. The strategy had to be adjusted, including selling Pirelli’s securities in 2023. Three years earlier, Tacticum Investments wrapped up its participation in the capital of the 36.6 pharmacy chain.

Despite the difficulties faced by Tacticum Investments, the company is currently showing stable financial performance through various strategies in the exchange and over-the-counter markets.

Tacticum Investments S.A. now

The organization operates in Luxembourg and deals with direct and portfolio financial investments and advises on the transaction structuring.

Tacticum Investments assets cover various industries and countries around the world, which ensures stability and reduces risks.

Tacticum Investments S.A. invests part of its assets in securities (including bonds) with high liquidity. Their presence in the investment portfolio allows it to react more flexibly in difficult situations and unpredictable changes in the worldwide economy.

One of the reasons for the active development of Tacticum Investments is its team of highly qualified specialists. The company has experts with extensive experience in structuring M&A transactions.


Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich dedicates his time not only to professional work at Tacticum Investments, but also has a personal life. For him, family plays a huge role. Arkadiy is a good family man – he is raising three children with a big focus on their upbringing and development and devoting most of his free time to his wife and kids.

Apart from that, Arkadiy Mutavchi has other interests, he loves good books, and, like a true lover of reading, keeps supplementing his extensive library. One can find there both rare and unique and popular publications.

He is businessman with interest in research. He has analytical works in the field of law and economics.

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