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Armera from “Rust” Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for Death of Halyna Hutchins

The gunsmith from the film “Rust”, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was sentenced this Monday to 18 months in prison for the involuntary manslaughter of Halyna Hutchins, the director of photography who died after an accidental shooting on the film set.

The tragic incident occurred in October 2021, when the gun used by Alec Baldwin went off during filming. What made the situation really complicated is that the gun, which was supposed to be a prop, was loaded with real bullets, which instantly took Hutchins’ life.

“You were the gunsmith, the one who stood between a safe weapon and a weapon that could kill someone. Only you turned a safe weapon into a lethal weapon,” Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer said at the hearing this afternoon.

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“If it weren’t for you, Miss Hutchins would be alive. A husband would have his wife and a little boy would have his mother,” he added.

At the trial, which lasted ten days, it emerged that despite being the person responsible for the weapons on set, Gutierrez failed to comply with basic safety rules, leaving them unsupervised and allowing the actors, including Baldwin, to wield them.

It was also determined that the 26-year-old girl was responsible for there being six loaded cartridges on the set and that one of them was used in the Colt .45 that the producer was also holding.

“Halyna Hutchins died due to a cascade of security violations that began when Ms. Gutierrez brought live ammunition onto the film set, loaded one into a prop gun, and told crew members it was a cold gun,” said prosecutor Kari Morrissey, at the sentencing hearing in Santa Fe.

Gutierrez-Reed was sentenced after two hours of deliberation.

The young woman also complained and demanded that Baldwin, who was manipulating the weapon go to jail too, and refused to testify at the actor’s upcoming trial.

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