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Asian Mail Order Wife: Where And How To Meet Asian Women For Marriage?

Asian Mail Order Wife: Where And How To Meet Asian Women For Marriage?

Asian women have always mesmerized men from all around the globe with their gorgeous appearance, delicacy, and difference from western women, so now they’re the most wanted mail order Asian brides in the world. Being aware of how great Asian wives they make, more single foreign gentlemen hope to get this treasure too and create close-to-ideal families with them. 

However, they make one huge mistake trying to find an Asian wife on traditional online dating sites. Numerous positive reviews and experiences of other international couples confirm that most Asian wives willing to get rid of the ‘single’ status become mail order wife. Therefore, it’s more effective and faster to look for a marriage-oriented hot Asian woman on mail order bride services, and now you’ll learn the best matchmaking destinations for this purpose!

5 Best Asian Dating websites

Website⭐Rating ⭐🔥Special offer🔥
EasternHoneys4.9Free credits for registration and email confirmation
Orchidromance4.720 bonus credits for new members
AsianMelodies4.8Complimentary 20-credit reward
Lover Whirl4.6Free credits for new members + 5 different packs of credits to buy
TheLuckyDate Asia4.8Free trial with welcome credits

Where to find Asian wife? 

Western men who can’t imagine anyone else as a future wife except for Asian beauties rack their brains where to meet single girls. Naturally, it’s possible to benefit from the traditional way of making acquaintances, but foreign grooms need to travel to different Asian countries or look for Oriental wives in their motherland to complete this love mission. One more popular approach is the search for perfect Asian wife online. There are dozens of dating websites with adorable Oriental girls where men can enjoy flirting and casual relationships, as well as platforms with stunning Asian mail order brides where almost every girl seeks love and family, so the selection of potential matches is really impressive!

As you can see, both these approaches to looking for Asian wife work well, but let’s learn more about each of them to choose the best option personally for you.

How to get an Asian wife online?

More lonely people come to a conclusion to try Asian dating sites when their attempts to build love fail. In some countries, there’s even a bigger number of couples who met each other with the help of dating services than ones doing that in a traditional way. So why does this method get so popular nowadays? The range of reasons looks quite convincing:

  • It’s a time-efficient and more flexible approach;
  • There’s no other place in the world with such a high density of Asian singles;
  • Both parties are interested in starting relationships, so they develop more smoothly and faster;
  • There are lots of possibilities to learn your Asian mail order bride better and show your affection despite distance;
  • Any dating site is easy to use and join;
  • The absence of a direct eye-contact allows even shy people like Asian wives take initiative;
  • The success rate of marriages with Asian women started online is significantly higher.

This list of advantages looks very convincing, but how to find an Asian wife online? In most cases, it’s necessary to complete the following steps:

  1. Choose a trustworthy site with beautiful Asian women: the right choice of the platform is half of your success, so pay attention to features, testimonials, and audience!
  2. Register an account and learn website features: you should make the most of everything offered there.
  3. Improve your profile: upload photos, verify your identity, add more details, don’t neglect a description! Do everything to appear at the top of search results and attract more Asian ladies.
  4. Draw a virtual portrait of your perfect match: think about qualities that are crucial, habits you have and ones you can’t accept, other important features – they will help to specify requirements and get more accurate matches.
  5. Be a king of communication: the more you socialize, get acquainted, and learn about others, the higher chances you have to meet an ideal partner.

As you can see, there’s nothing extraordinary in the procedure of getting an Asian girl online. The only challenge you may face is the choice of a reliable dating site, but it can be easily solved if you keep on reading!

🔥 Best websites to meet Asian singles

It’s not difficult to meet Asian wife on the web, but not all of them look for committed relationships. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to sites with many Asian ladies and gentlemen. Since their selection is quite impressive too, we decided to make the list of the best sites with Asian wives and find out what features users like the most about them!

Eastern Honeys

Most international dating sites have similar communication tools and services, but there are several things members appreciated the most on Easternhoneys. The main strength of this site is website design which is convenient and understandable. Even inexperienced computer users won’t have difficulties with accessing its services, while a large database of Asian ladies makes website browsing a truly exciting adventure. Both men and Asian women admit to the ease of making acquaintances on this platform, while many girls believe in high chances of finding true love there too!

It’s free to search for an Asian lady in your taste, but when you decide to take steps towards her, you’ll need to get paid services for credits. The last ones are offered in packages from $2.99 (first 20 credits) to $149.99 (750 credits), and their price depends on the number of credits included.


Since an average Asian singles finder can’t protect users from scam, members of OrchidRomance value the website’s attempts to make the platform safe for everyone. It’s impossible to become a user of this site before you shoot a short video with the ID in your hand to confirm your identity. Furthermore, even after signing up, all the Asian girls’ profiles are subjected to regular checks, and ones that don’t meet the requirements issued are deactivated. You’ll agree that such an online hub for foreign men creates more possibilities to start truthful relationships with the best Asian woman.

Should you pay to get a potential Asian date there? You can start with discovering the whole Orchidromance website functionality for free, thanks to welcome credits in particular. But in some time when you spend all of them on communication with Asian women, you’ll need to replenish your balance with the minimum number of 20 credits for $2,99 (for the first order) and $9.99 (for the next ones) as well as order more credits at once up to 750 ($149,99).

TheLuckyDate Asia

Looking for an actively visited site to attract a beautiful Asian mail order bride, LuckyDate can be the right choice. This platform has become one of the most favorite ones thanks to a registration procedure that lasts only for a minute or so, and communication tools that don’t limit members to written socializing only. Men also prefer this site because after meeting a cute Asian wife there, they can continue tempting her directly on the site thanks to the gifts and flowers section suggested there. There’s no need to look for different ways of sending parcels or hire a detective to learn how to contact your Asian wife in a different way – these services are also offered on the site.

Such a wide functionality has reflected on the prices. Members attracted to Asian women for marriage need credits to use premium services, while only 2 credits cost as much as $15.99. However, you can save time on the next purchases by getting a large package of 100 credits for $399. 

Asian Melodies

Some men join Asian Melodies to find a beautiful Asian lady since this service is a more convenient way to make connections in distance. However, it isn’t the only benefit since the majority of participants are real on this site, and having heart-to-heart conversations is a reality there even despite a possible language barrier.

Asian societies differ much from western ones, but you can still find a perfect match thanks to the algorithm introduced in the search engine on this dating platform. Users can specify their wishes by ticking the respective filters and see profiles only of those hot Asian ladies who correspond with them.

A prepaid system of operation is another benefit of Asian Melodies. Members looking for Asian singles can buy credits when they really need them, choosing from a minimum package of 20 credits (first only for $2.99, next for $9.99) and up to 250 credits (for $99.99).

Lover Whirl

One more destination to meet Asian women also has an excellent reputation. Around 10k single Asian girls are available online all the time, and you can enjoy live interaction with them in a video chat available on the site. 

Lover Whirl is a great spot to start stable and long-lasting relationships with an Asian girl. The site attracts ladies from Asian countries looking for serious foreign men, while a cutting-edge matchmaking algorithm allows making meaningful arrangements with singles to your taste. 

Users also like this site because it’s mobile-friendly and has responsive customer support ready to solve any issues faced. 

Unfortunately, not all online dating website features are free, so dating Asian women online may require some investment. Male users can use a credit card or PayPal to purchase a certain number of credits with a starting price from $2.99. Men who aren’t used to calculating credits can obtain a platinum package of 125 credits for $44.99.

How to meet Asian brides offline?

How to find Asian wife in a different way? If you’re a connoisseur of traditions and would like to try making offline acquaintances prior to using the best Asian dating sites, it’s necessary to check your luck! Some countries have a quite big diaspora of people from Asian cultures, so there are high chances of meeting pretty Oriental singles there too. 

Undoubtedly, a man who hopes to meet the best Asian wife should understand that it’s possible only if he goes to one of the Asian countries. Therefore, it’s important to choose the country where to look for an Asian girlfriend, get tickets, find accommodation, learn destinations with the highest density of single local girls per square mile, etc. It’ll be difficult to achieve a love goal quickly without preparation and quite impressive expenses since any international trips aren’t cheap. Therefore, this approach to getting Asian wives can’t be called the easiest and affordable!

Best Asian country to find a wife

When you access any dating site, you can see an Asian mail order bride almost from any country in this part of the world. But where to start the search for the perfect Asian mail order wife personally for you? In any case, there’re some differences between Asian ladies of different nationalities, so now it’s time to learn more about the most popular countries with Asian girls for marriage.



Chinese girls make the vast majority of all Asian mail order brides being the most populated country in the world. But do these Asian girls make good wives? Being raised in patriarchal families in accordance with centurial traditions, local ladies are divided into two basic categories: obedient, loyal, and influenced by parents Asian brides and westernized Chinese beauties willing to abandon their motherland. Though having different aspirations, the majority of women from China are recognized as excellent life partners. They have much in common with females from South Korea like a desire to give warmth and show affection, focus on marriage, and traditional family values, so men often prefer them to any other Asian wives nowadays. Furthermore, Chinese families are an example for many people since the divorce rate in the country is as little as 0.3%!


Do average Japanese girls remember anime characters? Probably, to some extent. These Asian women are pretty, cheerful, and fun to talk to. The majority of locals get a good education, find well-paid jobs, and never stop self-development no matter how old they’re. When a man starts dating an Asian girlfriend from Japan, he also spots how polite, patient, and well-mannered these ladies are. Having a perfect sense of style, local Asian brides never wear flashy clothes or heavy make-up, while her desire to make everything look neat and tidy is great for keeping the household at the highest level! One more thing western men will surely appreciate in Asian girls from Japan is their strict management of finances without wasting money on expensive jewelry or latest fashion trends! It may be one of the reasons why the divorce rate in this country is twice lower than in the US, right?

Read more: Japanese Dating Sites – How to Choose The Best One?


Nowadays Thailand is not only a popular resort but also a source of adorable Asian mail order wives. Being disappointed with local men who often laze around, a local Asian bride would rather decide to make a perfect partner for a man from the countries of Europe, North and Latin America. A Thai woman is an epitome of natural beauty, seductive look, and many advantageous qualities a good wife should definitely have. In her personality, you’ll feel support, understanding, positiveness, and gratitude. A mail order Asian wife of Thai origin won’t argue because of trifles and would happily accept the role of a housewife! They almost never initiate split-ups and admit to giving birth to kids quite early – at the age of 23 years!


Unmatched leader in the number of K-1 visas issued to brides brought to the USA is the Philippines – over 7,000 a year. No wonder it’s impossible to impress someone with the question: is your wife Asian there? The range of reasons why men look for Asian mail order brides there is quite obvious. Local women are characterized by submissiveness, loyalty, and loving nature. It’s a pleasure for them to take care of their husbands and make their lives comfortable, so tasty homemade dishes, obedient kids, and amazing home atmosphere are traditional in families with such an Asian girl. Lots of men also call Filipina women great listeners and partners to rely on! They never betray or lie to people they love, so such women seem to be opposite to the majority of feminized societies!



One more popular destination for US grooms is Vietnam. In 2019, they have brought 1,782 fiances from this country, and it’s not surprising. Vietnamese mail order brides are hard-working, tender, and naive. They’re always sincere and calm, so it’s a pleasure to communicate with them and see wide smiles on their faces. Many Asian girls living in Vietnam are satisfied with little, so a man who provides a comfortable life for a local woman is always honored and respected. 

It’s important to say how friendly and positive Asian women in Vietnam are. Family is the highest value for them, so locals try to stray away from divorce no matter what misunderstandings there are in the couple. No wonder spouses where an Asian bride is Vietnamese survive longer!


It’s very easy to recognize an Asian girl from India since the fame about these ladies’ beauty has gone worldwide. However, stunning appearance isn’t the only reason to look for an Asian bride in India. Similar to Korean ladies, local females are raised in accordance with strict patriarchal laws to become good wives for their husbands. They’re taught to be devoted, observe religious rituals, keep silence, cover her body, cook and decorate houses exquisitely, etc. Getting such an Asian mail order wife can be compared with winning a jackpot, so many western grooms come to the conclusion to buy an Asian wife in this country. Furthermore, these women also don’t approve of divorces, so their percentage doesn’t get higher than 1% in the country!

Is it possible to buy Asian wife?

The main questions connected with Asian brides sound as follows: are mail order brides legal and what’s an average mail order bride cost? There’s no sense to doubt the legality of connecting people from different countries since they do that on will, and the platform just helps them. The second question may need a more detailed answer since not everyone understands what it means to buy Asian wife and how much it costs in reality. 

An average Asian mail order bride site offers both free and paid services to members, so the use of the last ones can be also called the investment in the future. However, these aren’t the only expenditures needed to meet Asian wife through online dating. Men usually present flowers and gifts to impress Asian brides, arrive in their countries to have real dates, and prepare everything for moving an Asian woman of their dreams to the motherland. All these expenses constitute an Asian mail order bride budget that may reach $10,000 – $15,000.


It only seems impossible to find an Asian girl for marriage if you’re located miles away. Modern Asian mail order wife sites have taken effective matchmaking to the next level, so a man from any country can meet an Asian woman online, learn her personality better, and express his true intentions to finally get a desired Asian bride. If you still have some doubts, think why are there so many men praising platforms with Asian wives for a spouse? The goal of the sites listed in the article is to let every gentleman feel happier with fabulous Asian girls beside them, so make your choice of the platform now and bathe in the attention of single Asian women to select a soulmate among them!

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