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Attention: United States Embassy to Close This Monday

The United States Embassy in Tegucigalpa has announced that it will be closed on Monday, April 15, in observance of Americas Day. This holiday celebrates the friendship and collaboration among the countries of the American continent.

Normal activities at the embassy will resume on Tuesday, April 16. The community is encouraged to plan accordingly for any procedures or consultations during the closure.

Americas Day is celebrated on April 14 each year to commemorate the founding of the Union of American Republics (OAS) in 1890. The purpose of this organization is to promote peace, security, and cooperation among the countries of the continent.

The day serves as a reminder to reflect on the bonds that unite the American nations and to reaffirm the commitment to democracy, human rights, and sustainable development principles.

To learn more about the holiday in Honduras and when it will be observed for Americas Day, you can visit the following link: April 14 holiday in Honduras: When will the holiday be for Americas Day?

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