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Authentic Photos from the True Story Behind the Netflix Series

The recent Netflix series “Hijacking of Flight 601” has become one of the most popular productions in Colombia on the streaming platform. The plot revolves around a significant event in the history of aviation in Colombia and Latin America.

Featuring actors like Christian Tappan, Enrique Carriazo, Juan Pablo Raba, Angela Cano, Monica Lopera, and Valentín Villafañe, this series depicts the events that transpired on flight 601 of the Sociedad Aeronáutica de Medellín (Sam), which disappeared several years ago.

During the years 1968-1973, a period known as the golden age of air piracy, 348 planes were hijacked globally, with more than half of these incidents occurring in Latin America. Colombia recorded 17 hijackings, including the longest one on the continent, which forms the basis of this gripping series.

What began as a routine flight from Pereira, Colombia, on May 30, 1973, turned into the longest plane hijacking in Latin America. The flight had 84 people onboard, including two hijackers situated in the penultimate row.

If you want to delve deeper into the details, you can find the full story on RCN Radio.

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