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Authorities Outline Plan to Recover La Aurora Airport

Officials from the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC) detailed the actions carried out since last February, to recover the La Aurora International Airport (AILA), this with the aim of strengthening and implementing best practices in airport administration after the dismissal of Francis Argueta, who was in charge of the entity and who was already denounced by the Ministry of Communications.

The motto that the authorities of said ministry took was that “AILA is the welcoming face of the country” and they emphasized that they found the facilities in a state of abandonment and lack of maintenance.

From this account, the authorities of Bernardo Arévalo’s government assured that they are committed to “addressing the deficiencies that were identified and guaranteeing transparent management in the field of civil aviation.” These are some of the advances in AILA.

One of the advances that stands out is the delivery of the first phase of the active runway taxiway, after six months. The Minister of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing (CIV), Jazmín de la Vega, supervised the delivery of the first section of the improvement to the airport’s taxiway.

On February 23, together with authorities from the Public Ministry (MP), officials from the DGAC and the AILA, they carried out the delivery of areas in the Seroport facilities, in compliance with what was ordered by the Fifth Pluripersonal Court of First Instance. Penal.

Likewise, signage and marking work has been carried out outside the Airport. The Infrastructure Department of the DGAC carried out paint marking work on the exterior of the AILA, where the main entrance floor of the air terminal stands out, as well as different entrances.

A working meeting was also held with the different managers of the airlines that work at the Airport, who make up the Guatemalan Association of Airlines (AGLA), in order for the institution to share a roadmap of actions to provide better operation and optimal service for different users.

Likewise, drain cleaning work was carried out to prevent them from collapsing during the rainy season; for this purpose, they detailed that a recently acquired extraction pump will be used. The progress of said work will be documented in phases, reported the Aeronautics Directorate.

In collaboration with the Guatemalan Army Corps of Engineers, DGAC personnel began the repair and connection work on docks, to provide AILA users with a space in optimal conditions upon their arrival in the country.

Guatemala assumed the presidency of the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (CLAC) during the XXV Ordinary Assembly held in Santiago, Chile.

Likewise, the Airport had a technical and working visit from the United States ambassador, Tobin Bradley, along with authorities from the Guatemalan Migration Institute (IMG) and the DGAC to review and monitor the migration processes at the AILA and the actions that are being carried out to provide better service to users.

The new authorities were asked about the enormous challenges that continue to exist at La Aurora airport and they stated that in order to address the underlying issues of the air terminal, an investment of more than Q450 million is needed. This is without counting the work needed for the track that is still being defined. They explained that given the way in which the “institutionality” has operated at the airport, the tenders would take more than a year and that for this reason they are exploring legal paths that can serve to expedite and address delays within the framework of the law and with full transparency.

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