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Aventura to ‘Close the Cycle’ with Historic Tour of Cities in Spain and Europe

After 17 years without setting foot on the Old Continent, the Kings of Bachata land on September 7 at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, in addition to visiting other cities such as Málaga, Barcelona, ​​Tenerife, Valencia, and several European enclaves yet to be announced.

Seventeen years. That’s how long it’s been since Aventura last stepped on the boards of any European arena. But the wait has come to an end, because the Kings of Bachata have not only decided to get together again to accumulate ‘sold outs’ in America: Romeo, Lenny, Max, and Henry will tour Spain and several countries on the Old Continent starting in the month of September, which will mean not only the extension of his exquisite ‘Cerrando Ciclos’ tour but also the most important musical event of all of 2024 for Latin music in our country.

The ‘Cerrando Ciclos’ tour is not going unnoticed. The band has not only sold out five concert halls in Puerto Rico – breaking their record – but is also enjoying incomparable success in the United States, accumulating one ‘sold out’ after another. Preceded by this recent history, the tour will arrive in Madrid and its renovated Santiago Bernabéu Stadium on September 7 in what will be one of the highlights of Aventura’s bachata journey through the European arenas. Málaga, Barcelona, Valencia, Tenerife, and other European cities will also be announced in the coming days as part of the band’s reunion with its audience.

In the case of Madrid and the Santiago Bernabéu, the pre-sale will begin this Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. through the website,, Tickets for the rest of the cities can be purchased on the same page, once they are announced.

The journey of ‘Cerrando Ciclos’ has not yet ended, but from the first moment, it has reached the hearts of Aventura fans – a group that has spanned several musical generations – thanks to an unforgettable path through the music itself, but also of nostalgia.

Sacramento, the capital of California, will be the first city Aventura visits on this tour. It will be on May 1, and from there it will tour, among others, the cities of Glendale, Houston, Charlotte, Chicago, New York, Washington, Newark, Orlando, Atlanta, and the Canadian cities of Toronto and Montreal. The last time Romeo, Lenny, Henry, and Max were on stage together was in 2021 when they played at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles during the ‘Immortal’ tour.

Now it is different, and not only because they are going to return to Spain and Europe. ‘Closing Cycles’ is not only a celebration of classic Adventure songs like ‘Obsesión,’ ‘Tell Love,’ or ‘The Loser,’ but it is also the moment chosen to look towards the future. The band was born in New York, and it was from there where they managed to show the world what bachata was – when it was a sound that was only heard in the Dominican Republic – until it became a fashionable musical style. Furthermore, during their career, Aventura has received nominations for the American Music Awards, Latin Grammy, Billboard Latin Music Awards, and the Premio Lo Nuestro, making them one of the most internationally recognized Latin groups of the last two decades.

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