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Average Sugar Baby Allowance – Sums, Types, And How To Calculate

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Everyone who has tried sugar dating knows that this type of mutually beneficial relationship involves financial rewards for sugar babies.But any questions concerning finances are always tricky while seeking arrangement, so it’s important to discuss the amount a sugar daddy pays to his lady at the very beginning of the romance. More and more people want to find out how much sugar babies can ask for and what this amount depends on. Some ladies wonder whether they should request a weekly or monthly allowance or if the sum they’re offered at the moment can be negotiated. Since the number of queries about an average allowance in sugar dating is beating all the tops, it’s time to pay more attention to this topic and open the secrets of the sugar bowl world in this sugar baby allowance guide.

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What is a sugar baby allowance?

Sugar baby allowance, also known as sugar baby salary, is a certain amount of money given by a sugar daddy or a sugar momma to their babies as a reward for their companionship and time. 

It’s important to note that sugar dating should not be confused with prostitution. Sugar relationships are like regular romantic relationships where partners treat each other with respect. The only difference is that one side always provides financial support to the other.

This support can be given in a variety of forms, including paying off the student debt, living expenses getting covered by a sugar daddy, expensive gifts, costly trips, and lots of other stuff.

The money can be paid per sugar date or be set in a form of weekly or monthly allowances if a sugar baby and a sugar daddy enter a long-term relationship. The amount of this reward can be negotiated with a sugar daddy and varies not only depending on location but also lots of other factors that will be described later in this article.

How much allowance do sugar babies get?

On average, the sugar baby allowance depends greatly on the place where a sugar baby lives. Therefore, there are differences in sugar daddy allowances ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands. The majority of people having enough knowledge about sugar dating say that usually sugar babies charge the amount that can cover their monthly rent or other expenses for basic living. However, there’s one more way to see what an average sugar daddy is ready to pay—it’s a sugar baby allowance calculator. You can use one to enter the location and other key filters to see the final amount.

Now, let’s see real numbers! 

💰 A typical sugar baby allowance range is between $1,500 and $4,000, but $2,500 is the sum that is often mentioned in average sugar baby allowances.

If you check the SecretBenefits website and look through the sums of sugar allowances there, you’ll see a variety of numbers, but the majority of them will be close to the range provided. Naturally, these are sums used for a monthly sugar baby allowance, but some women prefer to get paid more often if a sugar daddy agrees with that. It’s also not difficult to meet a sugar baby who admits not only platonic sugar dates, so their earnings may be estimated at thousands of dollars. 

❗️Sugar baby allowance types 

Why can you see such a great difference in numbers shared by a sugar baby when you access theSecretBenefits or SugarDaddy.comsugar dating sites? Well, sugar relationships come in several types, so a reasonable sugar baby allowance for each of them is different. Let’s learn more about 3 most popular sugar relationship types and discover how much sugar daddies can pay by entering each of them in this sugar baby allowance guide.


Not every sugar baby knows all the perks of a sugar relationship when going on the first date with a mature sugar daddy. Therefore, newbie sugar babies should think not only about fancy dinners and the luxury of the sugar world but also about a sugar baby’s allowance she’ll get for this date. 

PPM abbreviation is translated as pay per meet, which means some sugar babies get monetary rewards each time they meet a sugar partner. 

This type is also known as sugar baby allowance per visit, and it’s popular in such big cities as San Francisco, LA, Ottawa, and so on. Some sugar daddies prefer to diversify their experience and change sugar partners regularly. For such dates, a sugar daddy typically books a hotel room, orders dinner in a fancy restaurant, and enjoys time in the companionship of a beautiful lady. Platonic friendly dinners with a sugar baby are also quite popular nowadays, and the type of sugar relationship influences sugar baby prices too.

So what average sugar baby allowances can be received per every new date? 💵 An experienced sugar daddy agrees to pay sugar baby around $200 – $300 per date, but the date type matters a lot in this amountConsider the following seeking arrangement peculiarities:

  • Traditional dinner dates bring sugar babies between $50 and $200;
  • Longer dates are estimated at $200 – $500;
  • Sugar date nights allow most sugar babies to earn between $500 and $900 per date.
❤️Type of date☝️ Things included💸 Cost range
Traditional (platonic)Several dates per month;Presents;Attending events;Communication.$50 – $200
ClassicSeveral dates per month;Presents;Attending events;Casual romantic relationship.$250 – $500
ExclusiveSeveral dates per month;Presents;Attending events;Casual romantic relationship;Living with a partner for some time.$500 – $900

It’s worth mentioning that the first date is usually cheaper when it comes to inexperienced sugar babies, but top women with lots of positive reviews from sugar daddies on WhatYourPrice or Millionaire Loveand other sites can set a higher sugar baby allowance per visit from the very beginning already.

This sugar relationship type is a great choice for sugar babies who have several sugar daddies or want to test an arrangement. Moreover, most sugar daddies prefer to pay per meet because it helps them to keep track of their sugar daddy funds better.

🔺Monthly allowance

An average sugar daddy doesn’t look for a durable sugar relationship, but when he likes a particular sugar baby much, will a sugar daddy pay more? Undoubtedly, established men who find sugar babies in their tastes agree to pay a monthly allowance and have regular sugar dates with their ladies. 

A sugar baby monthly allowance is paid once in 30 days. Both participants of sugar relationships who agree to make their romance constant negotiate the amount of the sugar daddy pay and discuss the frequency of dates and their conditions.

So what’s a monthly allowance range sugar babies can count on?💵It starts from $1,000 per month and can reach $5,000 and more. A sugar baby allowance calculator for big cities states that a monthly allowance can be around $2,500 – $3,000. However, women from smaller cities can expect to get only $1,500 – $2,000 and benefit from a fine line when a sugar daddy covers all other expenses for romantic arrangements.

One more thing to impact a monthly sugar baby allowance is the type of dates organized:

  1. Platonic sugar relationships that involve several dates a month, gifts, and traveling can bring about a sugar baby around $1,000 – $3,000.
  2. A classic regular sugar date that happens 3 and more times a month, and includes presents and shopping trips can result in a reward of around $2,500 – $4,000 for a sugar baby.
  3. An exclusive sugar relationship with over 5 meetings a month and apartment rent, of course! A sugar baby allowance range for such an arrangement is between $4,000 and $8,000.

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❤️Type of date☝️ Things included💸 Cost range
Traditional (platonic)Several dates per month;Presents;Attending events;Traveling.$1,000 – $3,000
ClassicSeveral dates per month;Presents;Attending events;Romance.$2,500 – $4,000
ExclusiveSeveral dates per month;Presents;Attending events;Romance;Apartment rent for cohabiting;Partner exclusivity.$4,000 – $8,000

🔺Weekly allowance

One more type similar to a monthly allowance is known as weekly, and it’s paid to a sugar baby every 7 days. This is a popular type of compensation received from sugar partners if they have a long-term relationship and regular meetings once or several times a week. 

Some women don’t want to wait long for a sugar baby monthly allowance to avoid fraud or to have more opportunities to spend money, so they ask their potential sugar daddies to reward them more often. No wonder some sugar babies indicate the amount which is too small for a monthly allowance and is higher than a sugar baby allowance per visit on sugar dating sites like AshleyMadison or Luxury Date. Now it’s clear this is the sum a sugar baby makes per week. 

It doesn’t take much time to calculate the average sugar baby allowance paid on a weekly basis. 💵Women interested in sugar dating can be awarded $700 – $1,000 per week, depending on the date type. You’ll agree that getting this money is important for a regular sugar baby who needs to cover her living expenses or child support. No wonder sugar babies are seeking arrangement so persistently and propose various forms of compensation.

PPM vs. sugar daddy allowance—what works better? 

The main question that may interest readers of this sugar baby allowance guide is what type of sugar baby allowance is better. It goes without saying that the only way to get money on the first date is the PPM approach, but every experienced sugar baby advises using it in a more durable sugar relationship as well. Naturally, receiving cash at the end of a lovely evening doesn’t seem romantic, but mature sugar babies believe it’s the best choice in sugar dating. None of the sugar daddies would like to become financially obliged to any sugar baby before she gains their trust. Therefore, sugar partners often come to a conclusion to start paying per visit and make a transition to any kind of sugar babies allowance in some period of time.

⁉️Why is PPM more popular? There are several reasons for sugar babies to prefer it to average allowance:

  • A sugar baby receives money right away after the first date and subsequent ones that minimize the chances of a scam when participating in sugar dating;
  • Sugar daddies are more likely to negotiate how much allowance the woman will get since this amount is the smallest;
  • It’s easier to ask to raise PPM sugar allowances since a sugar baby and a sugar daddy have more opportunities to discuss this..

When should a sugar baby discuss the question of sugar daddy allowances paid more rarely but in larger amounts? Well, this conversation may happen only when you have 2 and more meetings with a sugar daddy, and you feel that you’ve got the full attention of your wealthy suitor. According to other sugar baby tips, a sure sign of his readiness to transition to monthly allowance is making a pause in sugar dating other women. In these cases, it’s ok to ask yourself whether he’s satisfied with your sugar dating experience and whether he’s the type of person to agree to pay weekly or monthly allowance.

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❗Factors affecting how much does a sugar baby cost

Sugar dating is mainly associated with the personal decisions of people seeking arrangement, so it’ll be a mistake to say that most sugar babies get an average allowance. It isn’t a problem to meet a sugar daddy who’s ready to pay sugar baby more. When does it happen, and what affects sugar daddy allowance? Read expert’s opinion in this short sugar baby allowance guide:

  • Location: sugar daddies living in big cities and metropolitan areas and looking for sugar babies there pay a higher average allowance than in rural areas. It means that women from San Francisco or Sydney can get more from sugar dating than ladies from smaller towns and villages.
  • Relationship type: you could see from the numbers mentioned above that a sugar daddy pays more to ladies who give more of their attention and time to them.
  • Sugar baby’s education and occupation: sugar babies with interesting backgrounds attract more attention.
  • The wealth of a sugar daddy: not all sugar daddies are billionaires, so they set their sugar dating budget to fit their lifestyle. The richer sugar daddy you’re lucky to meet is, the more money he can agree to give you.
  • Specific preferences and restrictions: if a sugar baby is ready to go on trips or visit a sugar daddy from another state, she expects to get extra compensation for such flexibility.
  • Extra benefits: if a sugar baby receives expensive gifts, enjoys fancy dinners, relaxes in the best hotel room, and travels to luxurious resorts, her sugar daddy might lower her cash reward since he already spoils her with nice things.

As you can see, ladies seeking arrangement online should keep lots of things in mind to get a reasonable allowance from a sugar daddy. Therefore, this sugar baby allowance guide has focused on the main things that affect its amount to help every woman get the most out of the sugar bowl!

How to receive sugar baby allowance

Every sugar baby hopes to get the maximum from sugar dating, including precious presents and a luxurious way of life. However, generous regular payouts from a sugar daddy should be the main goal. When a lady manages to achieve this benefit, a sugar baby faces another challenge: how to get paid securely? There are several popular options mentioned by experienced sugar babies:

  • Cash: the hard currency has always been considered the safest and most popular payment method. It’s impossible to trace such transactions, but a sugar baby needs the courage to ask a sugar daddy for money directly after dinner in a fancy restaurant or memorable joint trip.
  • Bank deposit: it’s enough to provide its number and personal details for a sugar daddy to transfer funds there. It’s important to get prepared in advance, but you can get money for sugar dating almost instantly and securely.
  • E-payment: electronic payment systems like Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, and others are also popular with sugar babies since they require sharing a minimum of personal details and have low transaction fees.
  • Pre paid card: if giving cash seems unacceptable to pay sugar baby, it’s possible to suggest a pre paid card like PaySafeCard, for example. It can be used in a variety of stores where a sugar baby can pay for goods or services with it.
  • Credit and debit cards: sugar daddies also admit to sending funds to top up a woman’s card balance since it’s a quick and affordable payment method.
  • Paying bills: it’s normal for a sugar baby to ask her sugar dating partner to pay her tuition fee or monthly rent. If this amount is too big, simple utility bills may be covered by a sugar daddy too.

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Sugar dating is a unique industry where all participants get mutual benefits from each other. If a sugar daddy enjoys the companionship and care of fabulous women, a sugar baby is looking forward to getting a financial reward in addition to trying a luxurious life. This sugar baby allowance guide has shed light on lots of details on how to pay sugar baby and provided advice on how to increase the amount received too. Now it makes clear what impacts the amount sugar babies get from sugar dating and in what way they can receive this money to feel secure and less vulnerable. Are you ready to get your personal reward for a premium sugar dating experience? Join RichMeetBeautiful or any other sugar dating sites listed in the article, and you’ll see why so many people have fallen in love with sugaring!

The news and editorial staff of Market Research Telecast had no role in this article’s preparation.

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