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Bad Bunny Breaks Down in Tears During Concert: “I Refuse to Be Sad in New York”

Bad Bunny brought his trap tour to New York this Friday with a concert titled “Most Wanted” (The Most Persecuted). In this performance, he embodied a solitary “cowboy” that defines his new musical era. The 30-year-old Puerto Rican singer took the stage at the Barclays Center and delivered a serious and taciturn show, quite different from the mega summer party he threw in 2022 at Yankee Stadium.

A classical music orchestra kicked off the two and a half hour urban recital, in which Bad Bunny performed almost his entire latest album “Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow.” Dressed in a brown outfit with fringes, he began singing “Nobody Sabe” and took pause several times throughout the night.

Between songs like “Hibiki”, “Mónaco”, or “Baticano”, the dancers changed their attire and movements, opting for skull masks that created a diabolical dance around the singer. Despite his melancholy mood, Bad Bunny reflected on his image and the opinions of others, emphasizing that he only cares about what his true fans think.

The spectacular staging included two stages, a suspended bridge, rockets, flares, lasers, and an audience wearing colorful pendants given out for free. Even though he expressed his sadness, Bad Bunny asked for help and performed emotionally on a grand piano, bringing tears to his eyes.

After a heartfelt moment, the artist shifted to a more lively performance and delighted the crowd with a reggaeton medley. The fans, devoted to Bad Bunny’s new aesthetic, showed their support by chanting slogans and enjoying the music.

As the concert ended, Bad Bunny left the stage at midnight, leaving fans wanting more. Tickets for the event started at around 300 dollars, indicating the high demand and excitement for the artist’s performance in New York.

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