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Baddies East Release Date Updates and Other Details

Baddies East Release Date Updates and Other Details

Baddies East Release Date Updates and Other Details

Baddies East Release Date Updates and Other Details

Following the conclusion of the fourth season of the popular reality series ‘Baddies’, titled ‘Baddies East’, fans are eagerly anticipating the reunion special. The series, which has captured the attention of viewers with its dramatic and entertaining content, aired its last episode of the season on January 21. Now, the question on everyone’s mind is: When will the ‘Baddies East Reunion’ be available on Zeus Network?

Historically, reunion specials of the ‘Baddies’ series have been released shortly after the season finales. For instance, the reunion for the first season aired less than a month after the finale in 2021. If the producers follow a similar schedule, the ‘Baddies East Reunion’ could be expected to premiere around two to three weeks after the season’s conclusion, potentially around early to mid-February.

Anticipated Release Dates

Based on the patterns observed from previous seasons, viewers can tentatively mark their calendars for around Sunday, February 4, or Sunday, February 11, for the premiere of the ‘Baddies East Reunion’. These dates are speculative and subject to official confirmation from Zeus Network. Fans should stay tuned for any announcements or updates that may narrow down the exact release date.

Cast of the Reunion

While the official list of participants for the reunion has not been fully disclosed, it is confirmed that Tamera ‘Tee’ Kissen will be part of the event. The reunion is expected to feature a dynamic mix of personalities from the season, potentially including:

  • Natalie Nunn
  • Camilla Poindexter
  • Chrisean “Rock” Malone
  • Goldie “Rollie” Martin
  • Scotlynd “Scotty” Ryan
  • Mariahlynn Araujo
  • Michele “Siya” Sherman
  • JaKeita “Sky” Days
  • Krystal “Smiley” Borrego
  • Anyssa “Ahna Mac” Santiago
  • Suzanne “Stunna Girl” Brown
  • Victoria “Woah Vicky” Waldrip
  • Etheria “Scarface” Ruffin
  • Destiny “Sukihana” Henderson
  • Kendra “Sapphire” Blaze
  • Damerlin “Biggie” Baez

What to Expect at the Reunion

The ‘Baddies East Reunion’ is anticipated to be a fiery and eventful gathering, as hinted by Tamera Kissen in her YouTube video titled ‘Baddies Reunion…The Truth’. According to Kissen, the reunion started off calmly but escalated quickly as more cast members arrived and discussions began. She described the atmosphere as akin to “World War III”, suggesting that viewers can expect intense confrontations and dramatic revelations.


When will ‘Baddies East Reunion’ come to Zeus Network?
The ‘Baddies East Reunion’ is expected to air approximately two to three weeks after the season finale, potentially around February 4 or February 11, pending official confirmation.

Who is in the ‘Baddies East Reunion’?
Tamera ‘Tee’ Kissen is confirmed to be part of the reunion. Other cast members from the season are likely to join, although the full list has not been officially released.

What can viewers expect from the ‘Baddies East Reunion’?
The reunion is expected to be highly charged, with significant confrontations and dramatic moments, as tensions from the season are addressed among the cast members.

How can fans watch the ‘Baddies East Reunion’?
Fans can watch the reunion special on Zeus Network, where it will be streamed following its release.

Is there a trailer available for the ‘Baddies East Reunion’?
As of now, there is no official trailer for the reunion special. Fans should keep an eye on Zeus Network’s official social media channels for any teasers or trailers that might be released closer to the premiere date.

As anticipation builds, the ‘Baddies East Reunion’ promises to deliver all the drama and excitement that fans of the series have come to expect. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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