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“Bella” – The Song by Mijares or Arjona? Eduardo Capetillo Reveals the Answer on Univision’s Voice Game

In a recent interview, Eduardo Capetillo revealed that the song “Bella” is actually a song by Mijares and not Arjona as many believed. This revelation has caused quite a stir among fans of both artists.

Capetillo explained that he had the chance to work with Mijares on the song and was surprised to learn that many people thought it was originally by Arjona. He clarified that although both artists are extremely talented, “Bella” belongs to Mijares.

Despite the confusion, fans of both Mijares and Arjona continue to enjoy the song and appreciate the work of both artists. The debate over the true origin of “Bella” has sparked discussions among music lovers and has even inspired some to delve deeper into the history of the song.

As the mystery surrounding the song’s origins continues, one thing is for certain – “Bella” remains a beloved and iconic tune that has touched the hearts of many listeners.

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