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Betty, the Ugly Duckling, Transforms her Life from Ordinary to Extraordinary: An Interview with Ana María Orozco

At 06:53 PM

Beatriz Pinzón, better known as Betty, la fea marked a before and after in the life of the actress Ana María Orozco, who, after the overwhelming success of the character, took a break and settled in Argentina for 15 years.

In Buenos Aires, after spending time with her daughters, she rediscovered her passion for acting and has been involved in numerous film, theater, and television projects in that country.

In 2022, she returned to Colombia to star in the comedy Envidia Sana from Prime Video, and now she is reprising her role in Betty, 20 years later, which will bring back the most beloved and famous ugly girl in the world. Although the exact date is not known, it is expected to be in 2024.

Ana María spoke exclusively with EL COLOMBIANO about this moment in her life.

How long have you been living in Argentina?

“It’s been more than 15 years, but in recent years I have been coming to Colombia more for work.”

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How has the adaptation to living in Buenos Aires been?

“It is a very stimulating city, with a rich cultural life. Regardless of the differences, it is a city and a country where it is not difficult to adapt. The people are very generous and open, and I have felt very comfortable.”

Professionally, what was it like to open that path?

“Initially, I came for personal reasons, and in the first few years, I focused on my daughters. It has been a gradual process, and I have been able to work on various projects. I feel honored and lucky because I admire the Argentine actors, and they have given me opportunities. The success of Ugly Betty there opened doors for me.”

How do you analyze the evolution of Colombian productions in the last 25 years, after the Betty boom?

“I think it’s wonderful that our stories can be seen and appreciated in many other countries. Colombian productions are popular for their talent, stories, and humor. Our idiosyncrasy is reflected in the series, and people appreciate them. Platforms like Prime Video allow us to showcase our work in a global exchange.”

“It is very rich to participate in such projects. It is fun and reflects our humor and codes. I like that we find humor in everything, despite the country’s history of violence. Colombians have a unique way of coping with humor.”

Was your life story influenced by your father Luis Fernando Orozco?

“I started accompanying my dad to television studios and watching his plays. Acting was natural for us. I started acting at a young age and decided to pursue it as a career. Acting in Betty was a turning point in my life, bringing unexpected fame.”

How was your relationship with Betty, with Beatriz Pinzón?

“It has always been amazing. I fell in love with the character from the start. It has been a rewarding experience.”

Did the recognition overwhelm you?

“It is normal to feel overwhelmed by fame. I always took acting seriously and never aspired to be famous. It was challenging, especially at a young age.”

Does the Betty series generate anxiety, 20 years later?

“No, I feel calm and confident. Our work is a tribute to the original Betty, maintaining the essence left by Fernando Gaitán.”

How do you see your daughter following into acting?

“It’s her decision, and I support her. She is studying theater and pursuing her passion for acting.”

And how do you view your sister Verónica’s career?

“She is my little sister, and we support each other in our projects. We are each other’s biggest fans.”

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