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Between Tiaras, a Private Plane, and a Shadow of the Past: A Closer Look at the Royal Scandal

Kings Philip (56 years old) and Letizia (51 years old) are about to head to Holland. On Tuesday April 16 at noon, they will take the plane that will take them to Amsterdam, where they will be until next Thursday. State trips in which representatives of two monarchies meet usually have reunions that attract attention. This time, it will be that of Queen Letizia and Queen Máxima (52 years old) that will capture all eyes. King Philip’s wife and King William’s wife (56 years old) are going to see each other after years without meeting on a visit of this type. They already have an agenda with different types of events in which they can catch up and experience a rapprochement with which to leave behind the comments about their distance.

Although it will be Tuesday when kings Felipe and Letizia take the plane to travel to Holland, it will not be until Wednesday when your visit officially starts. Unless they make a surprise appearance together on Tuesday, it will not be until Wednesday morning when the four of them will appear in Amsterdam’s Das Square. After his first night at the Royal Palace, where Don Felipe and Doña Letizia will stay during their state trip, there they will attend a welcome ceremony with a military parade included. Afterwards, they will move to enjoy lunch. But it will be private.

In most meetings between kings Felipe and Guillermo and queens Letizia and Máxima, the cameras will be present. But they have also found time to have a lunch where the cameras are not present. In this way, they ensure that they enjoy their meeting in a more relaxed way, being able to discuss topics that perhaps in public they would prefer not to touch on, and thus strengthen ties. Because if the relationship would be characterized by something between Letizia and Máxima of Holland it would be because of their distance.

Although they have a very similar past, having changed their lives working in other sectors to fall in love with future kings and become queen consorts, despite speaking the same language, or despite having daughters of similar ages, their relationship does not would be the closest. One of the possible reasons is Máxima of Holland’s good relationship with Infanta Cristina. The journalist Pilar Eyre said on her YouTube channel that “even though we always compare her to Letizia, they must not be very close friends because Máxima was very friend of Infanta Cristina. When he lived in Barcelona, ​​she would have visited him on different occasions, and I think that is why he does not see Letizia. A rather cold relationship that could change something with this private lunch.

After, Kings Felipe and Letizia will make a floral offering, until they then begin their separate acts. On Wednesday afternoon, while Felipe and Guillermo attend a solidarity event, Letizia and Máxima will not appear. Their diaries are empty for a few hours in which they could very well take the opportunity to have another private meeting to strengthen ties. Or you could also take the opportunity to rest and prepare for one of the great events of this state trip. It’s about the gala dinner.

On Wednesday night one of the main dishes will arrive with the gala dinner which will be held at the Royal Palace of Amsterdam and will have someone who will steal the show to Queens Letizia and Máxima. This is Princess Amalia (20 years old). The first-born of the Dutch kings will be present at this event in which she will attract all attention, among other things for wearing a tiara. An accessory that Letizia and Máxima will also wear in an event in which they will surely that surprise with their most elegant looks.

On Thursday, while Felipe and Guillermo have a joint agenda, Letizia and Máxima will do the same. Together they will attend an event related to mental health and then one related to Spanish cinema. At night, they will have a dinner again in which the four of them will be there. This time, it will be an evening offered by Kings Felipe and Letizia to their Dutch counterparts. Again Princess Amalia will be there, who will be a direct witness of the farewell of the Kings of their first state trip in 2024.

Upon his return, Queen Letizia has no more scheduled events on your agenda for this week. While King Felipe will be at the Telefónica centenary commemorative gala on Friday, Mrs. Letizia will not have an event again until, predictably, next week.

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