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Blight Survival Release Date Updates and Other Details

Blight Survival Release Date Updates and Other Details

Blight Survival Release Date Updates and Other Details

Blight Survival: Anticipated Release and Game Insights

Introduction to Blight: Survival

Blight: Survival emerges as a captivating medieval co-operative game that blends elements of rogue-lites and extraction games into a thrilling gameplay experience. Developed by Haenir Studio, this game sets players against a backdrop of war-torn lands and a deadly affliction known as the Blight. Players, in groups of up to four, are tasked with navigating this perilous world to eradicate the source of the Blight, battling both human and monstrous foes along the way.

Current Status of Release

As of now, Blight: Survival does not have a confirmed release date. The developers have expressed their commitment to not rush the release, ensuring that they deliver a polished and satisfying game experience. The anticipation builds as the community eagerly awaits any announcements regarding the game’s launch, which is hinted to possibly be by the end of 2023 or early 2024.

Gameplay and Features

Blight: Survival offers a unique challenge with its extraction-lite gameplay, where players must decide whether to push forward or extract with their gathered resources. The game boasts an engaging directional combat system that caters to both newcomers and seasoned players. Players can look forward to exploring a variety of war-ravaged environments, uncovering secrets, and collecting treasures. The game also includes a deep customization system for weapons, armor, and talents to suit different playstyles.

The game is set in an alternate 14th century, amidst two kingdoms locked in an endless war. This setting provides a rich narrative backdrop and a world teeming with diverse enemies and interactive elements. Each playthrough promises a unique experience influenced by player choices and the dynamic game world.

Development and Community Engagement

Haenir Studio, though a small team, has been actively engaging with their community, sharing updates and gathering feedback through platforms like Twitter. The game has already garnered significant interest, with over 650,000 wishlists on Steam. The developers are also expanding their team, recently looking to hire a Community Manager, signaling that development is in its advanced stages.

System Requirements and Platform Availability

Blight: Survival will require a 64-bit processor and operating system, with recommended specs including Windows 10 or later, given Steam’s upcoming policy changes. The game is being developed on Unreal Engine 5, promising high-quality graphics and performance. Haenir Studio also plans to release the game on next-gen consoles, broadening its accessibility.

Content and Mature Themes

The developers have indicated that Blight: Survival will feature mature content, including frequent violence and gore, which may not be suitable for all ages. This aligns with the game’s dark and gritty theme, set in a world ravaged by war and a mysterious plague.


While the wait for Blight: Survival continues, the details that have emerged paint a promising picture of an immersive and challenging game. With its innovative gameplay, rich narrative, and robust community engagement, Blight: Survival is poised to be a standout title in the medieval co-operative game genre.


When will Blight: Survival be released?
The exact release date for Blight: Survival has not been announced. It is expected to possibly launch by the end of 2023 or early 2024.

What platforms will Blight: Survival be available on?
Blight: Survival is planned for release on PC and is also intended to be available on next-gen consoles eventually.

What is the gameplay like in Blight: Survival?
The game combines elements of rogue-lites and extraction games, offering both solo and co-operative play for up to four players. It features a directional combat system and deep customization options for equipment and abilities.

Are there any specific system requirements?
Yes, the game requires a 64-bit processor and operating system. Full performance specifications will be detailed closer to the game’s release.

Can I participate in the game’s development process?
While direct participation in development isn’t offered, Haenir Studio is active on social media and encourages feedback from the community.

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