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Brazil to Require Visas for US Citizens Starting in 2025: A Breakdown of Visa Policies Across Latin America

Since 2019, US citizens enjoyed the ease of entering a country of South America without the need to apply for a visa. This policy sought to promote tourism and cultural integration. However, political changes and the search for a more reciprocal link between nations have led the Government to modify this provision. Starting in 2025, travelers from the US will need to obtain a visa to enter the South American giant as recently announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of said State.

The decision comes as a response to the lack of reciprocity in visa policies. This unilateral measure will change in an effort to balance international relations and promote equal treatment between both countries. The change will affect US citizens, but also travelers from Canada and Australia, who will also have to adapt to these new regulations.

Which South American country will require visas from United States citizens from 2025?

Brazil, known for its cultural diversity and vast natural resources, has decided to implement visa applications for tourists coming from the United States. According to Embratur, Brazil’s National Tourism Office, this provision seeks to promote equitable exchange in international visits. The American travelers, who made up the second largest group of tourists in Brazil in 2023 they must now plan their trips considering this new requirement.

What are the other countries that need a visa to travel to Brazil from 2025?

In addition to the United States, residents of Canada and Australia will also be subject to the new visa policy. This modification is part of a broader strategy to ensure equitable treatment in entry and exit requirements from the country. Brazil continues to negotiate visa waiver agreements with several countries, but emphasizes the importance of reciprocity in its international relations.

How can Americans get their visa to go to Brazil?

Starting in April 2025, Americans will need to apply for a eVisa a process that can be done completely online through Brazil’s official visa portal. This system allows for efficient application and approval, making the process easier for tourists and business travelers. Additionally, it is recommended that you check specific requirements and processing times to ensure a smooth journey.

What other South American countries ask North Americans for a visa?

In addition to Brazil, nations such as Bolivia, Paraguay and Venezuela require US citizens to obtain a visa prior to arrival. Each country has its own requirements and procedures, which may vary depending on the purpose of the trip and the length of stay.

What other countries in the world require visas from United States citizens?

Globally, many countries require Americans to apply for a visa before traveling. This includes nations in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, where visa requirements are often part of broader border control and national security policies. U.S. travelers should always check with the appropriate embassies or consulates before planning international travel.

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