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Bukele Inaugurates Google Offices in El Salvador

The technology giant Google officially opened its offices in El Salvador this Monday in the company of the president on leave, Nayib Bukele, and also announced a subsidy for $200,000 (around €188,000) for female entrepreneurs.

“For us it is a milestone, because we are opening offices in El Salvador, an office that is a source of pride for us,” said Eduardo López, president of Google Cloud for Latin America, in a brief inauguration ceremony.

The company indicated that this opening of offices is part of the agreement signed in August 2023 with the Salvadoran Government, which includes the allocation of at least $500 million from the Salvadoran state budget for the payment of services.

Google projects in El Salvador aim to modernize the country in the areas of digital government, health, and education.

“I think this is an example that El Salvador is no longer the same country it was before (…) of course, we are not where we want, there is a long way to go to get there,” said President Bukele at the inauguration.

He mentioned that the collaboration with Google will involve digital security projects, customs, cadastre, permit processing, and the opening of a technological center for training Salvadorans in the Historic Center of the capital, along with a data center.

“For El Salvador, this is a significant step towards digitalization and the improvement of education for our children,” added Bukele, who was re-elected last February, despite the constitutional prohibition.

Prior to the inauguration, Eleonora Rabinovich, of Government Relations and Public Affairs for Google Hispanoamérica, announced that would provide a $200,000 subsidy to the Promujeres organization “to help develop entrepreneurs in El Salvador.”

This includes access to financing, training in digital skills “so that they can enhance their businesses and make them bigger and bigger,” noted the company representative.

The State of El Salvador is required to allocate at least $500 million in the coming years to implement this “strategic alliance” with Google, according to a law approved in September by the Legislative Assembly of the Central American country.

The regulations state that state institutions signing individual agreements to obtain Google services must ensure the corresponding funds within the framework of the agreement.

The Foreign Ministry of El Salvador declared this million-dollar agreement reserved for 7 years, according to a resolution of its Access to Public Information Unit (UAIP) obtained by EFE in October of last year.

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